Algorithmic Music


I have SunVox but fuck me if I know how he pulled this off lol

The Blade Runnery synths in second half sound really nice.


quick variation after fixing a timing bug




Finally got swing working in my sequencer!


Yeeeeeah, that’s the shit.


added some new modules for creating more long term variation automatically. Same basic patch as the swing jam, but all the mute’s and variations are all self driven, the only human interaction is fading down the probability that drums will trigger before going into the outro.


New tune has full on seance vibes



Woozy pop vibes, very cool… a bit of a departure.


Wouldn’t mind a copy of that!
Wavy future-80s dystopian synth party

Also any chance of 59 & 1001 too? :wink:


a quick remix of the pattern

@sleepwalk_1980: I’ll get an upload ready for you tomorrow.


Best strings I’ve been able to synthesize yet


Holy shit dude. Finally listened to some of these, great job man


Been working on adding some music theory to my main melodic sequencer. Takes a melodic line and applies fugue based rules to it to create 4 part counterpoint. Pretty happy so far, still tweaking and adding functionality