Algorithmic Music


I’ve been busy doing a complete rebuild of my generative music system. It is much improved…

loaded it up with some drum synths and acidy synths and did a quick jam.

no edits or post processing


Whoa - that sounds really structured for something generative. How’s the arrangement happening?


Most of it is automated, using probability on two long count beat dividers from the clock, then I use a AND logic block to derive interesting gate patterns at a large scale macro level for gating the trigs before they reach the instruments. I did manually mute a few things (kick, bass, drum Bus) for some more defined structure. I’ve built a few automated kill switches and loopers for various sections of the sequencer as well. One of the key breakthroughs of the new design is a timer module I made which only spits out gates or pulse trains if it hasn’t received a trigger for x beats. I have 4 at the moment and keep seeing reasons to add more. They are super useful.





Working on some algorithmic music at the moment.

In the mean time, here’s a cool video.


finally got my Reaktor box running at 44k!