All Hail Commodo


just peeping this mix getting ready for the ballgame. Hot fyah tbf…


Yeah big mix this, nice couple of new bits in there


Thump talks to Commodo


flowdan vocalled the pocosink remix, tooo much >>>


heavy. this truly highlights pocosink rmx’s potential, too.


My Liege is ridiculous.


Still not been arsed to listen to this, Not sure if its because most Lps of this style arnt that great or im not in the mood. perhaps I should fix this tonight.

Going to load up the mix for my train journey tho


Fix up bruv, you’re slacking


I think it works well as an LP tbh. Only criticism would be it doesn’t really flow… its got enough different bpms/styles/types of songs on there to make a nice diverse but cohesive LP but they don’t seem to be arranged in a particular way that makes the album make sense… if that makes sense lol. Like the order of the tracks could be completely mixed up and it wouldn’t make much difference… whereas a really well made album for me would be ruined if you mixed the tracklisting up.

Only a small criticism though.


Yeah I think its the sequencing, like alot of the time it feels like “ere you go lads heres 3 eps in one” rather than something that flows.
Im being pedantic tbh :cornlol:
mix was big tho!

Mala - Hunter (Bobby)

Is that a Twin peaks sample on that ahah

Having gone through the lp theres some tunes I rate alot, sleepwave, how dare you, hadi (prob for the sample more than anything else)


Anyone else notice that the first track Hej, which means hello in Danish, is a reference to the old soundcloud login?


Bladdy 'ell






Fukqn rekt


That went off at Bawxed




dumbstep, needless drama. Glad oxossi fired back though, he’s been pushing beats for a lot longer than people realize. Its not like Gantz came out of the womb making the music he makes now…in fact its typically quite derivative but just chucked into a new context.


first Joker and Benga, Dark Tantrums and Kromestar now Commodo and Oxossi… what is happening :confused:


Benga & Joker?