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Quest calling out Benga (defending joker)


Maybe very cliché, but they don’t call it the music ‘business’ for nothing.
fortunately though there’s many a label and artist out there still able to release quality music without disregarding basic humanity, especially towards your fellow producers.


I agree with you but how can you possibly sleep with a “friends” partner?

The tempest sure does sound like witch blues but nothing should’ve been said in my opinion…


comments on facebook are :cornlol:

Unkle Jed May the fleas of a thousand camels infect his asshole, and the two timing bitch as well ! · 5 · 7 mai, 22:18

Anthony Thomson It’s not even just the scene though bro it’s life in general some people are pure fuckries man · 4 · 7 mai, 22:37


“Anthony Thomson It’s not even just the scene though bro it’s life in general some people are pure fuckries man · 4 · 7 mai, 22:37” the sad truth


imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that.

commodo shouldn’t have put his oar in imho, makes him look a bit of a tool


oxossi is a bro tbh i like his tunes, just coz hes using a plucked instrument sample doesnt mean hes tryna sound like gantz


I think they’re well within their rights to call out people publicly who sleep with their missuses. Just cos they’re a fellow producer doesn’t make them exempt from naming and shaming.


Did I say they weren’t in their right? Maybe I didn’t formulate it all that well but I’m not on the other side of the argument here.
All I meant to say was that this sort of thing happens all too frequently, people getting a little taste of fame and fortune and then all their morals and decency go right out the window (if they had any to start with, that is).
I’m all for calling people out on their bullshit, especially if it goes further than a simple disagreement over tunes, I’m just glad there’s still decent people out there as well.


what’s this about benga and joker?


benga shagged jokers missus


Wtf is happening rn


Must have missed all this.

Hes a safe guy that’s for sure




the scene is way too small for such petty bs

cringe to the max.


Posted 5 minutes ago5 minutes Commodo. says at 0:26:
woah nelly, jimmies rustled. lemme inbox




Was very confused about that SoundCloud drama, because I was under the impression Oxossi and Gantz were friends, Oxossi used to tell me about them hanging out. Guess not :confused:


tbf the Dark Tantrums/Kromestar business has been festering for a long time, just wasn’t known by the public for certain until very recently…


was bants apparently