All Hail Commodo


Lool is that what got said on the night?


Yeah I swear on the day someone posted it was for the night only, no bigs tho


Solid Gold Telephone


god i want this album already…



Swear this year has gone so fast, feels like it was recent this was announced and it felt like ages away. Right round the corner now!


Still banging out those clips, Hadi Hadi Ah is another biggie


edit, im a dummy and cant read hehe





“How What Time is exactly what one could have hoped a Commodo album would be: a coherent suite of tracks that are part of a greater whole but still shine on their own, showing an artist that seems confident with his style, yet willing to experiment and play with new elements. Add to that incredible sound design which punctuates the tracks throughout the record and you’ll find an album which feels like one of the best dubstep full-lengths in a while.”


I approve of this message


Yeah that nowness link didn’t work on my phone lol


decent, but not all that IMO,

still - looking fwd to the album!


friday shipping, gona receive it with like 10 other plates including the new epoch… gona be a saucy week.


reminder to anyone who got the vinyl off databeats, you can download the 320s now :gunfinger:


Just downloaded it, will give it a listen today :slight_smile:


excluding set it straight, hadi hadi ah, my liege, floods and sleepwave are my favourites


Tak Shindo - Bali Ha’i
Dr. Dooom - No Chorus
The Sorcerers - Arid Plain (edit)
Commodo - Set It Straight ft. Rocks FOE
EGOLESS - Psychonautilus
Commodo - Solid Gold Telephone
Gantz x Da Poet —
Rocks FOE - Felon (instrumental)
Kahn • Commodo • Gantz - Unmistakable
Commodo - Untitled
Mala - Hunter (Bobby)
EVA808 - Wake Up
Commodo - Lightz
The Bug - Fat Mac ft. Flowdan
Kahn - Fierce (Commodo remix)
Gantz - Tut Tut Situation
O$VMV$M - Sino-1 (Ishan Sound version)
Murlo - Cold Stroke (Kahn edit)
Boofy & Amos - May
Mikael Tariverdiev - Don’t Be Sad


Took the chance of waiting to buy it on bandcamp and having it sell out before I could cop. It didn’t.