All Hail Commodo


I thought so too but apparently now they aren’t talking so I don’t know



Tbf the track does have a very similar vibe to witch blues ep, but that’s whatever really


Private convos…not sure I should even say. But honestly, there’s nowhere else to go from where it left off. Commodo accused Oxossi of biting, Oxossi threw it right back towards them, that’s pretty much it. They privately “worked it out” as far as what I’ve heard.


Fair enough, no need to drag it out really


Yeah, I mean, if you want my personal perspective, I certainly don’t think Oxossi was trying to make a “Gantz-like” tune. If you listen to enough of his tunes, old and new, and even earlier ones when he was doing more “beat scene” stuff, before he got into dubstep, you can hear that both him and Gantz have a simliar come-from.

But I’m a fan of all of theirs, Gantz, Commodo, and Oxossi, so I really don’t want there to be hate between either of them.


Tbf I haven’t really ever heard anything from him prior to this but fair. And yeah unnecessary beef just fucks everything up, no need for pettiness.

Oh btw just clocked that it’s your track coming out on Andys label, but up man release sounding sick from what I’ve heard


Thank you so much!! Means a lot, really. I’m stoked to be a part of it, sounds like it’s tentatively released in August :slight_smile:


That’s true but it’s just too much drama in short period of time hahah. I would’ve thought everyone got on/supported each other


It’s true man, really bums me out to be honest.


what’s this I’m hearing about mala and vivek not getting along either


old news?


looks like everything is all good :facepunch:


bigup quest

where’d you screenshot that from btw?

#237 (saw it on twitter)


lol this is all top level cringe tbh


white knight Quest to the rescue, so glad he saved dubstep


Lol ffs


Peace and love guys, peace and love. UNITY xoxox


ontopic though, any new tunes of Commodo surfaced of late? he was playing Bristol on Friday but I dont know anyone that went to say how it was.


Been listening again to this mix lately and boi it is pure :fire::fire::fire:

Lightz is such an uplifting banger… Everytime I hear this tune I can’t help but start makin’ moves haha!

Btw I noticed that it got removed from his SC… Could this mean a possible release??? Pls pls pls :pray:

One more thing for peepz thinking about cutting S Is For Snakes - apparently this will get a proper release at some point :eyes: