All Hail Commodo


Commodo has such a good selection

+1 on the temptation to get s is for snakes cut, but I can see it actually coming out though


I mean the full tune is all over YouTube by now. And everybody who bought the mix owns it. I don’t really see the point in it being released outside of this mix.


Might get released on vinyl I think people mean…

Hoping for something similar to this:


Well I thought it was obvious I meant vinyl , sorry.
Yeah I forgot there was a vinyl press for that mix. It’s possible then.


Doubt it’s going to be released officially as it’s a bootleg of this


Yh I know, but it could be released as a white label, or maybe a freebie? Probably won’t though, but one can dream :slight_smile:


Needs the white label treatment


Since Tempa released that Epoch tune with a Kendrick sample (yak! yak! yak!), I’m not sure how fussed labels actually are about sample clearance anymore lol

And didn’t some Rolling Stones edits hit the shops a little while back?


Also I fairly certain Kromestar didn’t get clearance to use The Star Wars samples in R2D6


Tbf that kendrick sample wasn’t a big part of the tune where as lightz is basically a bootleg remix


& Kanye would def sue




that 21-24 area is real nice

also 37, damn that one is so musical

anyone know em?

plus 43-44, 47-48, 51-53

plus 3-5, 11-13, and the grime one after it


Eva808 - Prrr


big up, you know 43-44?


yo how good was thiS!


11-13 is something with Capo Lee - Mud acapella on it
followed by Champion - Execution (or mashup of that with Formula by Youngstar)
dunno about the rest but 37 sounds like Eva808 as well judging by the drums



the capo lee one is a kahn and neek bootleg of it


That rocks foe bit is flames