All Hail Commodo


:cornlol: wicked channel name


It’s a group on fb as well haha



Omg the vibes. last tune on Innerverse podcast 2 by Commodo. Heard it before. Its too good, cant wait for his next release




Yes this one was the Outlook lurker ---- 5:30 revitaliser

Commodo top 3 no question


whats he doing these days? trying to make bank being a rap beat producer and not a scummy dub step guy?

bit off tangent that alot of these big grime tunes played on radio are pretty shit instrumentals but guy like commodo aint being hit up to bang out actually great ones


Also unpopular opinion maybe

I think S For Snakes/Fierce RMX is one of the least gd things he’s put out - never came back to either of those tunes.

Also swear Fierce RMX was tweeted about as being made on the train down to DMZ 10 & not to be used for anything after ahaha

Nothing beats Percy VIP into Hyperreal into Fierce OG at System 1st Birthday


Ffs that was so hype, wish I was there for it


Yeah. shame the recording doesn’t get the double wheel on this

Also mad that Over Deh So got played in that set, 2 years before it came out. Didn’t really clock at the time -


I kinda agree with ya. I was super hyped when it released, and now I rarely play it while mixing.


agreed, snakes didn’t even make the cut for my fabriclive 90 dubplate, fierce remix gets the occasional airing tho still


Lighters out for the bushman special

^5:40 for that for the Daega Sound - hear people screaming in terror lol

Horsepower - Change ! That tune turned the place over, bit of a damp squib when it came out last year.

Who was it that played Air & Lack Thereof - Commodo or Krome?

This vid captures the essence of being in the crowd just right I feels - ‘exam hall’ curtains and all lol @Johnlenham -

lol & the fella came out on the sax over Blipstream!


thank you for reminding me of hatman :lol_og:


defo top 3 selected system/dome moment.
up there with that ridiculous chef set where he played that awd refix

hail up system, was defo the second coming of dubstep. i remember that birthday and chatting to some tuffnell park yute who was mandied up and just happened to stumble into the dome that night. he thought system was every week ffs lool

that month was 5*. system bday then dmz 8 couple weeks after.
mad to think that was over 4 years ago. “life’s been up and down since i walked from that crowd”


Ahhhh 8. Interesting - skream ragging lemon was so gd. In amongst the sardines…

What was a mad week for me (weekend??) Was that system where yunx replaced mala last min. Day before yunx did bussey building on RC Juan with some crazy Get Darker/D&BA takeover. Artwork oldies, oneman vs loefah, ez, tunnidge, Todd Edwards. Room 2 was roni size, calibre, phace, dbridge etc. Didn’t even step in there haha. Mental… 2012…

That chefal set was insane - Light One double wheelie, Norwood, Kalawanji… Swear he started with some mentalism too. I remember that one being so dark you could barely see round the stacks ha.

Dome really set some high standards for venues for me after.


I don’t think Dome can be topped really!


This went off at Outlook!

Anyone know the name of the other tune he’s playing right now with a happy grime-ish flute melody? Similar vibe to Lightz. Can’t find a clip or a rip anywhere


he was playing that samba chokez bit…don’t think u mean that one tho