All Hail Commodo


Would consider goff in the o.g wave no? Cut End came out quite earlyish


Actually you’re correct.

Boofy put " ‘My Liege’ Best dubplate turned non dubplate ever"

Glad someone agrees, that one stood out when I listened to the clips.


Listen to Homacida VIP and the Hold & Pull remix


I always feel like the DSF has a certain person whether it be Mala, and now Commodo, where every track they make is considered a work of art and the artist is considered some sort of mythical god, because they are so deluded, where they fail to see that every artist has good, average and bad tracks.


I wouldn’t include Jack Sparrow, Goth-Trad, Kromestar or L.D. as part of this new gen of dubstep.


J Kenzo?


I would classify J:Kenzo as dubstep 1.5 rather than 2.0 tbf


You realise commodo has enough material, before the album, to fill maybe 3 LPs? That’s very little in the grand scheme of things. Plus his music has changed so much it’s stayed interesting.

There is such a thing as consistency.

Plus it’s a bit hypocritical to call people deluded when anything that’s a dubplate is instantly put on some god like pedestal in your eyes.


So there’s not a single artist in any scene whose discography you fully appreciate to date?
You sure you like music?


Nah, you lot used to overrate how much I used to talk about dubplates on the old forum, so I merely lived up to it, so don’t start crying when someone has a different opinion to you. You can say the same thing about most producers in the scene…Skream’s music kept changing, Benga’s certainly changed and so on. The most consistent producer in my opinion was D1, and was far a better producer than Commodo for that matter.


D1’s production value was actually quite bad.


You can say that in 6/7 years Skream, benga Ect only released enough music to cover 3 LPs? U sure m8? They would release that in half a year.

Commodo has released a few records (singles or eps) each year, it’s not being ‘deluded’ enjoying everything he’s done so far because in the grand scheme of things he’s released fuck all.

Commodo is a perfect example of quality over quantity. I dunno how you can’t understand that people legitimately like all his output so far.


Again that’s subjective and I am not going to go on a passionate rant about a producer who makes music like our old pal @Muncey here, and I can admit there was a few tracks I didn’t like, but what I’m saying is he has very few tracks that sound similar.


Right, prefectly valid when you say it though. Shut up man.


That’s a bit ridiculous isn’t it. For 1 to like every piece of music a certain artist makes is to not like music? I can appreciate someone’s time and devotion to making music, but I don’t necessarily have to enjoy the music. I care more about tunes than the artist…just like Sgt. Pokes.


Nah because you’re attacking people who have different opinions to yourself and trying to say shit like people who don’t like every bit of music from a certain artist doesn’t like music.


So everybody else should?

Can everybody admit they hate a couple commodo songs plz to keep this moron happy cause apparently it’s impossible to like about 20 songs without hating a couple.



And you’re not a moron? It’s the way you lot talk about Commodo as if he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented. It was the same with Mala before. You’re the one who’s attacking me over a music artist, that shows how moronic you are. Guess what mate…he doesn’t care about you fanboy.

And for the record, I never said you have to hate his songs at all…I am just saying they are not as great as you make them out to be.


Nobody has gone on like he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Josh said he’s probably the best producer of the new(er) producers and people agreed and you caught feelings.

And your being a hypocrite again, come up with all the excuses you want… All you would post about was dubplates. If you truly only did it to live up to people’s expectations I feel bad for u son, that’s a lot of time and effort you’ve wasted just to keep up the image that you’re a speng.


Feel like all you want is a gold star for not liking all commodo like the rest of the forum.

Sorry m8 I’ve run out.