All Hail Commodo


centipede man is such a jerk


You feel bad for me? I don’t need your pity ‘son.’ You don’t know what I was like a year ago, and unlike you, I still wasn’t on everyday. And aw name calling, how mature. Mate you need to realise something…I used to get a lot of free time, I don’t anymore which is why I rarely come on and I’ve lost enthusiasm to come on tbh. This account was originally a joint account so…and iirc you started on me for liking bukez finezst…and then I made a general comment about this god complex, as if you read the thread title it’s called “All Hail Commodo” maybe you need glasses, I don’t know, and then you caught feelings and started having a go about 3 lps and consistency. If I remembered I commented on a cluekid thread and the mala boxset and all of a sudden…I was the man about the plates.

I didn’t really read everyone else’s opinions, I just replied to him with some other potential producers.

And now you’re assuming I hate commodo…I feel as you’re trying to do a guilt trip or something, you’re acting like my mother tbh. Nice ad populum btw. :+1:


Reading all that was totally worth my time.


Hope you had some popcorn in hand @Johnlenham



“let him who is without sin cast the first stone” in reference to this…who called who a moron first?..


You’re so full of shit man. Like, it wouldn’t even bother me if you weren’t always in denial about it, but you always start posting crap arguments, getting told what’s what, and then descending into the most pointless poo flicking contests. Always banging on about things being subjective and then proceeding to crap out pseudointellectual statements trying to maintain an increasingly evident contradiction.
Shut up.


You obviously care what I have to say or you wouldn’t respond :blush:


Yeah, I do. As I said, it bothers me that you’re being such a muppet.


I think your goal is you are trying to drag this out longer than it needs to be. I simply stated an opinion and then your mate got upset that I talked about his favourite producer. And yes, I will say it’s subjective, because even I know my opinions are subjective and in the long run, doesn’t matter.It’s not my fault you can’t control your emotions.


I legitimately do


That’s a word I’ve been saying a lot recently ‘legitimately’. :neutral_face:


I saw 26 new posts and expected a solid discussion, wasn’t dissapointed



I’m not going to shut up but what you can do is one of 4 things. 1. You can block or mute me…you’re on here all the time so you should know. 2. You could ignore me and keep scrolling…I mean I know that’s hard to do since you may get rsi…I understand that 3. You could report me to a mod or something. or 4. You can take your mouse…your £5 mouse from maplins…you can shine it up real nice, turn that some bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass…if you smeeeeeeeelllllll what the centipede is cooking #antiwar #standagainstwar big up mala mystikz big up attitude era rock too oh and big up joe nice for mala mystikz


Keep it on topic brothers ffs.


this needs to be the next release imo, baddest commodo tune about


if any of you carry that shit on after this post im banning all yer asses.


Wonder if bandulu would do a remix ep, that’d be good.


The Fierce remix is aight, does good moves in the rave but not a patch on the OG for me

So much for it being a DMZ 10th birthday exclusive. ‘Never to be heard again’ tho haha