Ambient / Experimental / Post Rock

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update june 25
autechre sounding artist exm

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Unthreadlocking you bro. Nice posts

three posts in a row sucks.
just came out ambient

two coming out soon, i love lee gamble and only just heard of Ocoeur because hes on a cool label.

I do like the Mick Harris releases but I find I often get a quantity over quality vibe…

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its almost halloween, good time to listen to sci-fi steppas as Gorgonn calls it. andrew nolan i listen to a bunch.

Exquisite, mobile-like, ever-focus-shifting music for three nonsynchronized pianos at different tempos that sometimes sound independently and at other times in synchronization with one another.

A work for chamber ensemble (multi-tracked on this recording) and electronics, the music here comes in one continuous movement with sustained tones incrementally layered on top of each other. Fink’s path to beauty here is the movement from consonance through dissonance, creating haunting hues and tones that stimulate the heart and nervous system, and coming out on the other side in a burst of sonic and emotional cleansing.


more idm

idm, dubstep

sorta dubstep

Cavernous, metallic aircraft hangers and night time neon imagery from this.

experimental idm

microtonal experimental rock.

Had to return the first copy for one with less noise/crackle but now that’s sorted I kind of feel this might be one of the best ambient/modern classical albums ever? Think the headspace I am in atm just connects to it quite heavily.

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great album. finally got to it a a week back

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experimental idm