Ambient / Experimental / Post Rock

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This is dope as hell.

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Some of you know I’ve played a bit with SkankinOslo DJ crew. One of the members calls himself Ars Dada, and he makes breakcore stuff. He just released an album he’s been working on for a long time.

It’s a combination of neo-Classical instruments performed and recorded live by professional musicians, programmed breakcore drums, and other sounds.

It’s pretty cool, and has already gained a bit of traction from some people in the breakcore scene. Inspired by the works of Igorrr, Venetian Snares, and other similar artists.

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Will give it a listen in the car today.

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Listened through the whole thing here, it’s mostly ambient actually. But really cool stuff imho. Darkness.

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Ars Dada is dope. They’ve got some really good dark jazz / breakcore tracks

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He’s a good friend of mine.


downloaded. just downloaded this too, experimental

further back on that label found this

A dude made a video to one of the songs off the album, pretty nice aesthetic.

I dig that a lot.
And moths is very on brand for DSF

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Some pretty cool stuff. They don’t have much stuff out yet, but I’m intrigued.

Went to a concert yesterday, a DJ friend who played before/after it invited me and put me on the list.

Microtonal electronic folk music, basically. Bandcamp description:

Anders Hana uses a modified electric guitar with microfrets, langeleik (zither-like instrument) made by Røine/Husemoen with adjustable frets and Scandinavian style mouth harps.
Morten Joh tunes different anologue synths using MIDI pitchbend to CV and a computer, a keyboard and a Trautonium Manual / Ribbon Controller. Guest appearances by Olav Christer Rossebø (fiddle) and Kenneth Lien (vocal).
Recorded and mixed in Stavanger, February 2021 by Anders and Morten.
Mastered by Mike Grinser @ Manmade Mastering, Berlin.
Cover art by James Beckett.
Screen printing by Dridmachine.
Layout by JAHJAH Studio.
Rose painting by Knut Buen.

Super trippy tribal trance vibes.


The whole EP by these guys has been released now.

Alva Noto is on another level at the moment. The Hybrid series has been so good. This one off III which just released… beautiful

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Very unsettling

The first version of Disseminate on this album was performed by a 60-piece orchestra in Ostrava, Czech Republic consisting of the Ensemble OCNM and members of the Janáček Philharmonic. From his earliest compositions, Niblock was interested in creating microtones through the sheer number of tracks involved as well as through carefully calibrated intervals. That idea is taken to extremes here: the 60 instruments involved begin in unison on a sustained D note before gradually diverging, creating one of the densest but most dynamic drones of Niblock’s career.

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