Any of the dsf producers from the old days still active?

I’m never here anymore, just thought I’d swing by, I was here a lot a couple years ago on the old dsf and the people who chilled here back then were cool, I just thought, seeing as I had respect for all of you back then, would be really be fun to see your current level of production and shit
Talking about Wub, mthrfnk, AxeD, Outbound, Sunk Lo, Fragments, Electric_Head, Augment, and like 20 other people I can’t remember, any one of them still here/ anyone know what happened to those that aren’t?

Just curious, some of you spent huge amounts of your time here and had like 20k posts back in the day so like I said, would be fun to see where everyone is now
I know OmegaMode and the guy from Barely Alive became kind of big for example, they were just normal dsfers then

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still kicking around ;p

do I count?

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fair few are here under different names

u ever heard of zomby m8



It’s Burial. Don’t tell anyone though.

cool, what are their new names?

ooh cool, I’m pretty sure you helped me choose my monitors (or headphones) like 2 years ago, seriously

you have soundcloud mate?

Yes absolutely lol

I am working on an LP at the moment, finished recording all the synths and drum tracks, now doing all the ITB work. They only thing I have posted publically are some overly long, self indulgent live takes on happy to PM you a link if you are interested.

Hope whatever you bought worked out for you!


I’ve seen jack sparrow and quest on here if they count

I’m sure they’re not on this new forum??

yh J sparrow pops in and Quest lurks :cornlol:

Yo, mthrfkn was the guy I saw in like every thread and went “wow this guy is so much better than me.”

I rarely posted back in the day but I always had a look through Sound Design stuff. Only just found this today, might have a look around to see if there’s some quality stuff.

Irrc, it was actually cuntface.

still lurking 8 years later - to think back I was so miserable to people on the forum at times :confused:

I helped get some traction for the original sample pack beat battles happening … some nice nice packs were available through those contests

nowadays I’m on outboard gear and sample vinyl when producing - recorded into Logic… well into my cumbia :sunglasses:


Ive posted 5 tunes in dubs in the last week :smiley:

hidden within the shadows…


Pretty much every big in the game dubstep producer has posted on DSF at least once

Pretty much every dubstep producer with more than ~200 posts on DSF is not big in the game