Any of the dsf producers from the old days still active?

I’ve been in the skype group for a very long time… Also peeked around the forum but never really posted anything. Can’t wait to see the community come back to life.


I’m active albeit could not carry my account over, I’m this guy:

I pop by from time to time :smile:

I think I joined the old forum sometime in 2007. Never posted anywhere other than production and dubs forums though

Making a comeback :laughing:

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Ekstrak here… trying to figure out how to get my old username back :smile:

Yo echoi! Long time no see

@Holger_M_Murk @Robert_Bullough you can change your username easily:

Change username

  1. Go to -> Change username

  2. Go to -> Log Out

  3. Go to -> Log In with new username

Ello mate, has been a while, how’s you?

Only just signed up/in with my Google account, thanks for this, I didn’t realise it was possible and I didn’t want to be stuck with my Google account name as my username :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: Nevermind, it seems to have stayed the same :frowning: - I’ll see if it updates in a while.

wheres sunklo, he used to have some good production advice


did you Log out?
and then Log in with new username?

I just logged out and back in with Google and hey, it worked!

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I try to get active again, then I read posts and think I’m not really sure I really want to be apart of this community again.

what happened to legendary , depone, macc, jrisreal and his brother

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pretty sure he was bonobo


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Lol jrisreal and his brother used to get in mad arguments with people all the time.