Anyone got a degree in music production?


Currently studying first year of sound engineering


did a 2year BTEC for a laugh, more recording/mixing/mastering - got my a job in a studio which was nice


If you wanna spend a crap load of money on learning shit you’ll pick up on your own anyway if you’re dedicated to it, then sure. I’d say you’d only need to do a degree in music production if you’re fairly young, pretty rich, and/or wanna get a job in the industry as some kind of techy.

If your main plan is to produce music, just produce music.


How is it?


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How do you make a sound in Massive?


You want to make a trap kick, or ‘808’ as some of the trappiest trappy trap producers have taken to calling it?


Fine sauces


how can i sound like skrillex?


it’s actually “how maek skrillex base?”


i dnwoloaded massive


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Don’t take it to heart. People just teasin.

Around 2011-2013 there were thousands of people were signing up to the forum to ask how to sound like skrillex, to a forum of people who really (REALLY) didn’t like brostep.


pm me some poetry of yours, nothing homo though


I’ve just started product design, very interested in this but with the amount of time I’ve been spending making beats recently I did think to myself maybe I’d be better off on a course thats nearer to something musical but I’ve come to the conclusion I’d prefer just to keep it as a hobby so I don’t end up associating it with work or whatever lol.


Without attempting to sound like an uber PC dick…the whole “nothing homo” makes me wary to send anything. As Im not sure what that could possibly mean.

I am about four tracks deep into a spoken word poetry album. If you like Ill put you on my mailing list of those who want reminded of when it drops.


Means jaydots not 100% secure in his sexuality.


Ah. Well, as its mostly hardcore gay BDSM good thing I didn’t send anything…


Chuck us on your list :smile:

Also here

A friend of mine started that earlier this year, they just put out number 2, and are always looking for submissions.


BIMM is over-rated. Go to Northbrook. Their new music studios are actually amazing. I’ve studied there and worked there and it’s def worth it.