Anyone still using rebirth


Thankfully I have a dedicated legacy XP box at my, er… disposal.




I had it working in XP from that original link that I posted which I just pulled. But if anyone wants it let me know.

For newer systems, you are probably better off trying that magnet link to the iso posted above.


I think win10 is bad for running old stuff. My mate couldn’t run his old copy of Sony acid.

I’m gonna try mounting and running in 7 when i get a chance


Let us know how it goes.


did anyone use the magnet link? i’m stuck at finding peers bit, assuming not many people are seeding something this niche


I had about 3 or 4 peers when I downloaded it. It didn’t take very long. Maybe give it some time.


I used it about 5 years ago, first try at producing, I lost all the tracks I made, I’m really curious what they sound like. It was a lot of fun and you really had to think to overcome the limitations, great program! I would try it again if it was easier to install


Tried installing rebirth ages ago but couldn’t get it working…ended up just going with the .cmb patches that were pretty much rebirth anyway…ill try dig them out if anyone wants them, tho shouldn’t be too hard to find on the net…


Whoa - Roland are kinda being dicks and harming their own brand I think…


Lol what a joke.


Cunce pulling a move like that after so long. Makes me think they have their own 909/808/303 software coming out soon and they are taking out the main competition. They have been pushing their new lame Roland Cloud bullshit which is plugins with a high monthly fee. If you stop the fee your projects are dead. Killitwithfire.


Yeah, like someone says in the comments on that link - Behringer should look out, lol.

Hopefully doesn’t affect outfits like Jomox though. :neutral:

I can just see the discussion in a boardroom:

Exec: “Well, the problem is that we’re a legend in the business, but many of our early successes were total accidents (TB303) and we haven’t really put out anything too groundbreaking or too popular lately - and now the market’s flooded with all level of competition eating away our sanctified market share. What should we do?”

Accountant: “Hmmm. Time to try and monetize your rep and image by any means necessary - have you thought of doing limited edition sneakers with your branding on them? We need to make the Roland brand tantamount to electronic music religious canon. Anyone heretically using images of your iconic gear will be taxed and hounded until they cease and fall into line with the New Way. Oh, what’s a thing that’s really hot right now that people aren’t sure they need but we can charge through the nose for because, hey, we’re Roland! Wait… I know… cloud services!”

(boardroom erupts in evil laughter)