Bandulu Appreciation Thread


There’s a few copy’s on discogs for £11.


Yeah I managed to get one! Woi!


Biggest EP I’ve heard in a while, every tune is ridiculous.

Also huuuge mix last month from Boofy here:

Fabric interview:


mine just turned up


anyone know when this is going up on other sites?


yuh this is big


Just a little heads up, a friend and i have a copy of 006 signed by boofy, hi5, kahn & neek, we are going to be giving it away for free as a gift for our launch party. Soon as we put it up, I shall drop a link in here.

In the mean time, can I post a link to our page? Should be available within the next couple weeks.


Wot r u launching?


We’re launching our brand, if you wanna call it that. Putting on some parties down south in Bournemouth. We’re not really setting ourselves to one thing, the plan is to book who ever we feel at the time. Whether they’re a band, a dj, or live art of some kind. The launch party is just to try gather some interest and let people know were about.


Yeah post up the details man, i’m no mod but suppose the events section would be the place, and link the giveaway details in this thread :+1:


I think SNH would be the place, I feel like events is more for one offs.
Then again, you may just want to post a different thread for each event, in which case events would be the place.


Hey guys just to let you know, you could get your hands on a signed copy of 006. kahn neek hi5ghost and boofy have all signed the back of it. Heres a link :slight_smile:




this came up on twitter the other day, think it was oh91

he said breen took time out to focus on life cos he was short of money so wasn’t doing music anymore but is coming back real soon with new stuff

also on topic i like that swufm bit, and i liked their remix on the last sector 7 was it- had good drums


bandulu 7 on rwdfwd now…would post a link but the website is battered…took me about 15 nail biting minutes to cop one lol

edit: it’s back there’s the link


got mine


Ahh ffs was at work, there gonna be more copies?


Plain covers probably


Check discogs. I missed the last one as I was on a flight home at the time, people instantly put up loads on discogs for like £40 so someone called Bristol beats or something put up about 20 or so for normal price.