Bandulu Appreciation Thread


i think that’s mainly because of their ‘reserves’ functionality, don’t think any other retailers have that


Thought this was coming out Friday?


It’s mainly due to the reserve function that I buy 'em there. Every 4 - 6 weeks another load of new releases.


but you didnt put this one on reserves :wink: haha nah your absolutely right.

Also tom is way chill, hooked me up with a tee. Prob coz i spend about 3-4 grand $ there a year


Record will be in at rwdfwd from 10am UK time…



Lol yeah that was one of them


The salt guy deleted his post some time after boofy started commenting lol


white peach does, if you drop a mail that is


in and out at scotch bonnett in a flash as well!

'old tight rwdfwd then…


got one on rwd fwd


“You probably won’t read these words because you’ll be too busy hitting the ‘add to cart’ button or refreshing our site in hope of our ‘ancient, crappy servers’ reviving from the influx of hungry grime heads, but here we go anyway”

this is great


Yep managed to get one too.

Gone already though…


Missing it everywhere, had it in my basket and then gone


Up on discogs, sold by bristolbeats, 11 GBP

go quick guys


and it’s gone


Fuck sake :roll_eyes:


Whitepeach and Juno are remaining


They selling on Juno too?


When you search in Google this comes up