Bandulu Appreciation Thread


I see. Yeah def has a young echo vibe


@wilson right. Copped both O$VMV$M lps, viiiibes



lol get in there early$vmv$m-remixes-art-sleeve-edition-one-per-person


nice one, cheers for the heads-up


no f5 pain for us this time :biggrin: easiest bandulu i’ve ever copped lol


tbh i had decided to avoid the stress and not even try to cop it

feels almost eerie that it was so painless


lol just got an email from redeye saying it’s been dispatched already :gunfinger:


mine too :slight_smile:And its still available on redeye hehe
go quick folks
no f5 needed




lol plenty of salt on the various fb groups :lol_og:


The salt is absolutely justified (I didn’t get a copy as well)


It will take some time for Bandulu until the salty times are over


most of the salt is directed at redeye tbf, weird old day tho, there will be more copies at unearthed, rwdfwd, etc tomorrow - good luck!


I really want to hear the O$VMV$M remix in full (pronounced Awsome-Azm) if I cop itll be jus for that.

remembering ordering that Dick Tracy EP through Idle Hands


Yeah I’ll try at Idle Hands too. But there are no times announced right? Maybe rwdfwd makes the usual post today that indicates the exact time…


A little bit odd that this release is not really “vinyl only”…

But they keep releasing so many tunes from the fabric mix - I hope they do the same with the BBC 1 mix hehe


nah haven’t seen times announced, redeye probably jumped the gun today tbf really wasn’t expecting that, i still think it won’t be as painful as 008 with rwdfwd’s 33.6k modem cos other vendors will have it

edit: they’ve also already put the repress up on discogs…so there will also be a repress:

screen print:



Yeah thats the biggest pain - when it’s due to poor internet connection…

Oi serious salt incoming on facebook


Its interesting how much Red Eye is the prefered POS, seems to be one of the salty variables