Bandulu Appreciation Thread


wait, so the rwdfwd and idle hands copies were the only chance to get the full artwork or will redeye and other reputable sellers also get some copies with full artwork?

edit: well i guess this answers my question


I’m sure the full artwork bandulus have always been strictly idle hands & rwdfwd only.




fairly sure i got at least one off redeye

and 200% sure i somehow got the full artwork copy of the boofy ep in discos paradiso in barcelona (out of every place, when i thought i had missed it)

unless these guys bought it off rwdfwd to put it in their shop (at a normal price too) which doesnt make much economical sense…

anyhoo, fuck buying records in 2016, thanks obama


Ah maybe not then!


Nah, not the first one either, I got the full artwork version off Juno.


honestly think this is the best Kahn n Neek release since Thief in the Law.


Armed & Dangerous is like some Kahn & Neek throwback to Black Ops/Sublow.


Yeah discos paradiso has 'em. Also 1st edition hotlines if i remember correctly. I could ask a mate if rushhour in holland gets them too for instore only or something.

Have to say im not hyped about 007 and did not cop. Hoping next release will be more like fierce or thief in the law or 005. Those are sick but yeah. Im actually just waiting for kahn - imhotep to be released…




Anyone else’s 007 warped? Mine’s pretty badly warped, it plays but queuing is pretty much impossible :weary:



Thank god I didn’t get s is for snakes cut :surprised:




Gonna be a refresh friday …


Fierce rmx is sooooo goooooood


11 am tomorrow lets go boiz. ddos that badboy


oh boy.


Wait what’s the USA time gonna be?


between roughly 3 am and 6am, depending on where in the US you are

clearly the bandulu guys didnt get the memo about the US/UK special relationship…