Bandulu Appreciation Thread


im not even logged in to rwdfwd so doubt ill be able to cop b4 it goes down again haha


I guess no one has been able to get one yet … the most i got was an empty productpage.


i can’t even get on the website


Might just ring Idle Hands and see if they’ve got any left from yesterday


fuck this imma buy a morriesey record


same, i’m pon mi phone and all get are timeouts


Should have stuck with listening to babylon tunes


I’m on cart but accidentally got two in there lol


I only want it to sell it on and buy rare garage with the profit


Dubonomics 101


In 10 years everyone will have forgotten kahn and neek but burnin by anthill mobb will still be a banger


Error establishing a database connection


at least the error is different everytime i reload it


Anyone want a copy? £90 NM.


P&P not included


Apparently sinker is still in my reserves lol


This is just like trying to get Outlook boat party tickets. I swear endlessly refreshing web pages in vain is a right of passage for truhed status


lol fuck me, just flashed through the site to 502


10 pounds tho hmmm


at least that doesn’t die instantly tho