Bandulu Appreciation Thread


quad post an wot


Oh shit think I got it :gunfinger:


I’d pay £20 just to get it over and done with :cornlol:


Shit, I’m at work and it’s becoming more and more obvious that I don’t do shit besides refreshing RWDFWD.


plz someone post when it’s sold out to put me out of my misery


lol, same, worth it tho


getting closer…


Might be better to just keep refreshing here…


i’m not doing this shit next time, fuck it


yeah i’m stuck in an add to cart loop now


Got it …


phew, managed to get my order through :slayer:

fwiw, firefox seemed to work better for me, was frantically f5-ing on three other browsers, chrome never even loaded the page

best of luck to other ninjas


I’ve hidden it between many different tabs to avoid detection


Out of stock. Fuuuuuck


thank fuck i can get on with my life - didn’t get a fucking copy :mad:

hey guise let’s put this eagerly awaited release of only 500 copies on a website with the backbone of a mouse!


There’s always the plain sleeve version




Got one :grin:

Not missed a full artwork version yet.


haha, I tried just for the heck of it but yeah OOS.


from 4thewax