Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation


Massive release.
Lifted is tuff and the second part of Cack goes off.


ny1 wana sell 004?


anyone rolling to rye wax tonight

more importantly anyone got a ticket lol

had 0$ till today and it’s sold out + someone on the event has swindled me and my boiz out of 15£ :corntard:


what is that vanila brigitas?


yeah her, me and my mate got tickets thru the resale on RA quickly after so it’s alright


ahh peak i new she was a cat fish but didnt want to call someone out and look like a dick

glad ya tickets tho man


yeah classic example of if something seems too good to be true it probably is

n e way. onwards. hyped.




we ever likely to get a tracklist on this

so peng

like what’s the first tune

and all the other 1s



Already got my ticket, first one I can make in ages :corndance:


Beneath set @ fabric for Resident advisor



i’m so down for this friday

big up rye wax and the double vodka + san pell mixer, try the lemon and mint 1 if they have it it’s dynamite


I’m listening to Simo Cells Mixtape for Red Bull Studio’s and came across this one:

Cool tune and forthcoming on Hotline Recordings.


Big tune, previously heard someone play it (parris or beneath) glad it’s coming out. Do you know what is on the other side of the release? Thanks.


No clue, but i dont think the other side will let us down haha.


beneath on hotline…sick

who was there last week at the dance

lee gamble dropping some filthy 140 lol


tune called override. banger


autechre skeng remix :gunfinger:
root :gunfinger:
don’t remember much else i was waved. lee gamble is one hench dude tho


haha how y’all find this out…

hope everyone had a good one at the dance last friday :wink: