Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation



Bagged. Been a while since the last nosymbols mix, would love another one.




Big, big set at Fabric for the RA thing. Really have to reach a No Symbols night soon.

If anyone knows the tune coming in at 1:59:00
Also ‘you probably see us but you don’t see us’


Don’t know 1.59 but see us one is ‘seeus’ by big ben himself on hotline recently


21st April @ Rye Wax


Who could say no with an event description like that


Got a ticket, hope I can make it down to this one.



if you have been enjoying the kailin album on mistry its worth checking out the new know we feature with him on the no symbols blog


Nice thanks >>>


yesss got my ticket


Who is still rolling through?


Waiting for a train at Gatwick atm, comin str8 to the basement


How was it / who played?



Heading down on the 30th of June, got two in the car with me so I’ve got a spare seat for anyone looking to travel down from birmingham (or midlands area)

Hit me up if you fancy jumping in :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it, heard big things about MC Beneath!!!


Ahh fuck, been meaning to make it down to one of these nights at some point


Meant to be the last one at Rye wax so make it down if you can. Really want to reach but will most likely be swamped with work. :frowning:


What date?

Edit -
Allow me lol just clocked June 30th, doubt I’ll be able to make it :frowning: