Beneath / Mistry / No Symbols Appreciation


I’m there see ya


got my tickets too, gonna be fun

just realised i never replied to you before about the last one. can’t remember who played but feel like there was bit more of a funky vibe. was great as always, big ben spittin mad bars


Looking forward >>>> any ninjas wanna say hello I’ll be wearing killer heels and purple camo cocktail dress :slight_smile:


Only person I remember playing was Parris but the whole thing was very enjoyable especially later on.
Beneath needs them sponsors!


Bought my ticket, fuck going into work this weekend!


Got Saturday off so probably gonna roll through now


Any of you lot reach tonight? Was a proper nice vibe


Yh I was wilin out in the middle for a good while, had to leave at 3.30 though cos gf was tired.

Quality tunes the whole time, and I barely knew any of them

Big up ben


So annoyed I missed this, my train was at a stand still for 2 hours since someone at Rugby station was threatening to jump off a bridge into a train.

Hope everyone enjoyed it and nosymbols continues in another form!



Hope it carries on I’m gutted I’ve never been able to reach one of these.


Are they moving up to a bigger venue or…?




Copped, hope I can actually make it down this time!


Bought on sight, looking fwd!


nice one for the cops, this lineup gonna be staaccckkkeddd so make sure you make it


anyone there last night ?

Felt really nice to see something build up so patiently not just banging it out straight away…

Nice to catch up with Marcus (if your still lurkin)

Gigsta was the one, not sure which Shackleton track it was she played but it a nice moment seeing people dancing to that kinda stuff…

S/out to the beneath for organising the thing :wink:




Sounds nice ! :slight_smile:


Anyone reaching nosymbols on the 15th