Berceuse Heroique

(B.H 0.5 did not happen and we will not talk about it)
free dl

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that tune’s a bit meh. there’s way better bh records

yeye, it just reminded me to make the thread and at the time couldn’t be bothered to link ones i’ve been feeling

this is gonna be a big release

was feeling this yesterday


been waiting on ruffian, monster tune. excellent remixes too. wonder what 003 is gonna be

AM is looking very strong so far. Shores of Caladan is a big tune.

the new EMG landed on my doorstep today. really looking forward to give this a spin in the club. all three cuts are banging, but I have a hard time hearing the kick in A1, lol. just gets swamped by the mids and I lose track of it completely when I’m mixing. I should work on that…

Forthcoming Beneath :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to the Smackos (AKA Legowelt) The Age of Candy Candy vinyl reissue also. I remember hearing April as a release date but that’s been and gone.

Gonna see Hodge, Koehler and KEMAA as BH tonight (leaving the house in like 10 minutes). Looking forward to what their gonna pull out the bag…

Slowly been getting into this kinda stuff. Been into the Bristol sound for a little bit, so I’m more leaning towards the weirder side of the stuff they put out. Can’t wait for the new Beneath and next Ancient Monarchy! (June 14th)

interested to hear some reports regarding KEMAΛ’s performance. Hodge was on point when I caught him in january, and Koehler’s pretty good at keeping a party moving.

hodge killing it atm, you better lie down was one of my fav UK tunes of last year

that forthcoming beneath is sick, soho on the flip of 50/50 + some other tune (which i’ve forgotten) that’s also sick

@TomatoAndBasil how was it? impressions?

btw. Kuno (who has an upcoming collab with Koehler on BH, backed by a siiiiiick AMUS remix) gone and done a mix for (who were kind enough to feature me aswell a couple of months back). it’s already 2 years old, but since it’s supporting a young act and a nicely curated series of podcasts I thought I may get away with it.

01 Lukid - Manchester
02 Stabber - Huh! (Randomer RMX)
03 Clouds - Krafterah
04 Sei A - Flux (Martyn’s Electromagnetic Mix)
05 Dadub - Life (Rrose Remix)
06 Henzel & Disco Nova - Hynotize Minds (NT89 Remix)
07 Trade - I Notice You All
08 Logotech - Schraubenschluessel (Original Mix)
09 Lakker - Breath
10 Kuno - Panoraa
11 Bodhi - Culture (Bambounou Remix)
12 Visionist - Circles
13 Objekt - Shuttered

Beneath forthcoming bh:


Loving Freeze. Proper dingy basement tune.

Think so far the Vereker EP has been my favorite.

Wish they weren’t so lame on their Facebook page though.

word i’ve been blocked from it for pointing that out

I mean they come across like they’re trying so hard to give off some edgy power electronics style aesthetic because that’s slightly popular at the moment but it feels so fake and forced.

Posting pictures of lynchings and shit with no context and talking about their music being “difficult” then also trolling people who make a comment on it whilst posting sports clips and shit in between. It’s like if Genocide Organ started talking about going for a cheeky Nandos

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i pointed out that this is bare childish and he banned me

the people that make posts about how they don’t care about other peoples’ opinions are always the people that care the most

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Saying that though their releases and the mixes they post definitely stand up on their own. It’s literally only the Facebook account that I don’t get

Ugh yeah that’s really cringe worthy.



what would pev do

not that