Best Desktop for Music Production?

Hey Users of DSF. I recently decided to upgrade my computer, but, not being a cpu specs kinda guy, I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for a good quality desktop for under $800? Thanks bros.


Sorry, you’ll probably get a legitimate response soon, but I just had to get that out of my system.


Haha lol ok

I’d recommend looking trough gearslutz for similar questions / posts, it has a ton!

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Id bulit my own with little to no knowledge. Worked out great.

Id recommend going to a “mom and pop” computer place and getting one built, unless you can up your budget to something top end or a mac.

The convential wisdom says the best processor you can afford. At least 6 gigs of RAM on a Windows machine.

Thanks bro, I’ll check it out

dunno, it’s not about the quality, it’s how you use it, as long as you have enough ram, processing speed, hardspace and good soundcards, you should be good to go.

Unless you buy a shit computer with components that fail in a year or so…so yea it is kinda about quality…

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My mate’s made some decent tunes on an old, shit computer…

Yeah but I’m going to audio engineering school next year and a shit computer just won’t cut it

It doesn’t have to be shit, but it doesn’t have to be the best laptop or computer in the world.

Never said it did

“as long as you have enough ram, processing speed, hardspace and good soundcards, you should be good to go.”

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Which requires a really good computer…

not really good, but good if I’m honest. Build the computer yourself is what I say.

No. I need a really good computer for this. If you think a ‘good’ computer is enough, go onto and look at the shit we have to do.

don’t worry about it it will all work out it will all work out in the end

everyone loves this quasi myth about making bangers with shit equipment…but the truth is if you have the dosh why not invest in your hobby or profession? It only makes things easier when you have decent equipment to work with…besides…most tnucs are just going to fuck away the savings on drugs, booze, women. and five dollar coffes…


I like to save money.

I don’t have to, so I’m wondering if anyone can suggest a computer and NOT tell me that a shit one will do