Black Metal


Some of my favorites:


wouldn’t be surprised lol
tbh shit like that’s why i don’t really fuck with much bm outside of some scandinavian and french bands


first tune on this is a banger, working my way through this stuff and really feeling it

yeah i hate the nsbm stuff it’s so fucking childish, especially as nearly all of em seem to have been likee yesssh ve are nazi band!! then 2 years later been like no no no that was silly actually fvk any1 that says ve r nazis we hate everyone!

i like the wall of noise sound to the guitars, something i’d like to try and emulate in production, something really gritty and deep but still with surprising amount of melody in there, also really interesting to see them embrace synthesizers when metal can be pretty conservative in that way (not at all interested in being some dressed in all black turtleneck EBM/IBM tape release man btw)


jesus dod off that is prob my fave bm tune. first 2 minutes are just too much imo

as for the synths, varg mentioned in a few interviews he was into techno n shit at the time. fenriz from darkthrone said the same thing (+ having a sort of electronic side project and putting some house mixtapes on soundcloud a year or two ago)


dunno if anyone on here would know, but how much did they layer their guitars on these records?

reminds me of the noise waves of shoegaze that they used to layer loads but most of what i read says they just recorded as shittily as possible which would seem to imply they didn’t spend loads of time on the guitar sound


i’ve no idea. doubt they even know what they were doing at the time, at least going by how varg described his recording process lol


If you haven’t read it, Black Metal : Evolution of the Cult is really good. I got into loads of great albums from reading that.

From the early stuff, Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids is really good and I just bought their demos to have a listen to this weekend (Demon Entrails).

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is great, Attila does sound a bit like a drunk Dave Mustaine but I like it. Their Live in Leipzig album with Dead on vocals is great as well.

A lot of the French Les Légions Noires stuff is really good. Its just pure noise basically. I’ve got a list of other albums I liked the sound of from Evolution of the Cult so I’m just making my through that at the moment.

The Hexer LP is one of my favourites. Probably more of a Trash/Black Metal combo? Not sure but its really good -


The super shitty sounding black metal production, probably only 1 layer. I remember watching a black metal documentary, it might have been Gorgorth or Burzum said they record, mix, and master in 24 hours lol.


Yeah for the earlier stuff probably not at all or maybe once for harmonies or whatever. I think after the first wave when people starting messing with effects more did it really become a thing. At first lots of bands were just trying to get “that Burzum sound”. He used some knockoff Japanese guitar and sometimes not even an amp but would record from hifi speakers. I think a lot of the wall of sound comes from the way in which they were mic’d.

I always liked Nargaroth’s stuff. I also took it as a bit tongue in cheek tbh, Kanwulf has said enough things in the past before to make it seem like he doesn’t take it all that seriously, also stating they aren’t a BM band but the influences are pretty clear.


this one heavy af


in that interview from until the light takes us varg claims he used headphones for recording cause the mics weren’t shitty enough :joy:


Haven’t seen that film in years but I remember liking it, will have to check it out again.
I’ve read him say that too in some old interview, for Filosofem I think, but he called it a headset so I always wondered if it was one of those headset microphones, kinda like the ones they use in offices or an actual pair of listening headphones plugged into an input. Doesn’t really matter just always was curious.

I remember listening to Filosofem when I was like 14 or something and being blown away by the rawness and anger, but then the ambient electronic piece came on and shocked me again at how beautiful it sounded contrasted with all that hate lol. Still one of my fave tunes ever:


really digging. jrk posted in op but links down

album art is on point.

much heavier guitar sound than the burzum i was listening to


Didn’t expect so many black metal listeners here, my black metal phase started 10 years ago, listened a lot to it for maybe 2 years then :>

Here are some of my favorite tracks:




vibing off this 2day


+the band name makes me feel sick which in metal has gotta be a good thing


good work lads. some lovely stuff in here.

btw. what’s hot with “newer” shit? definitely not up to speed. I think there were many “ambient”-ish french / canadian bands about, at least I discovered some during a youtube session a few years ago but forgot to look 'em up afterwards.



weather’s getting kvlder again

time 4 some black metal


anyone checked the first darkthrone album, when they were a death metal band, it’s realllly sick, probably not a classic but reminds me of death and has that subtle sense of melody they use in their black metal