Black Metal

this is fucking maad

clicked on it cos the picture looked cool, wasn’t expecting grimey french black metal

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Wow just discovered Varg’s youtube channel. He’s got some very interesting videos and he seems to post a lot, especially recently.

(re: the how he recorded discussion)

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Out next month. Lol this looks so ridiculous, a must watch.

BLACKHEARTS follows three black
metal diehard fans from Colombia, Iran and Greece as they risk their
life, end up in jail and sell their soul to Satan as they pursue the
dream of bringing their band to the unholy birthplace of black metal —


fuck me, was on one of those metal blogs that have discographies to dl and they had an autoplay playlist at the top that listed like 200 tunes but didn’t say which was playing at the time…took me like 2 hrs to work out it was this ^


fuck man i want that sony recorder :cornlol:

wrong takeaway i know

Narqath (Azaghal’s main guy) is kinda weird tho. He’ll come up with the sickest riff and the most lo-fi productions imaginable, but then gets involved in shit like this

(to be fair, I think this was very early in his career)

Edit: Wyrd isn’t as bad as I remembered it. Still, no excuse for that:

can anyone recommend me stuff like this?

dont think i’ve ever really listened to metal but lately im loving super heavy doomy, drony, distorted metal sounds

still dont rate all that technical fast shreddy metal

anyway so far the albums i’ve got are:

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u tried sleep - dopesmoker

reckon @Johoosh could set u some recommendations think it’s what he’s into


yeah man! you checked out Jeruselam?

just one big song/jam

killer riffs duuuude :blazing::dudebro:

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good stuff

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Recently got Nordjevel recommended from an old friend.
I really enjoy the old-school norwegian TNBM harmonies, think earlier Taake stuff.

The Infernal Sea

How about a bit of symphonic blackened death, this band were so good live

These guys are very good live too


From the new Haiduk album - Exomancer

O, hai, duk :duck:


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Possibly divisive but this belongs here imo.
New from Deafheaven

cosmic blackened death metal

How about some blackened progressive death-jazz…