Brostep, Tearout, Filth: The Good Stuff

I remember browsing the archived DSF forum and Bar 9, probably one of the biggest brostep names in the 2009-2010 boom, used to cut dubplates. :corntard: Times change fast innit.

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Bar9’s more clownstep imo.

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this is really fucking good lol.

americas got so much talent that’s gonna be let loose on our sorta UK music in the future.

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everything after this was just total brostep, filth, garbage

even this was a bit tasteless compared to grime 1

4real op i love questionable tearout stuff. coki4ever




Haha! I remember listening to it loads on the bus home from college. Along with the ‘bar9 in the mix’ cd.

i think the rule goes if it is a good track it’s a good track regardless of what genre/sub genre it fits in.
genres in theory are a great idea to define what it is that you like but in use people see it as an excuse to point out what they dislike.
for instance i’m not a massive fan of hardcore but some hardcore tracks are awesome, same goes for every genre so in reality you can’t just say you don’t like brostep as the chances are that there is some brostep sounding track you do like.
i found if you judge each track on their own and not the genre itself you will learn a lot more a broaden your taste in music.


Really nice way of putting it, that people use genres as a way to define what they don’t like. I don’t like that negativity either. Sure, there is tons of music (just in general) that’s like nails on a chalkboard to me–but I can’t name a single genre of music in which there aren’t quite a few songs I like.

Sub genre-ing things to death has also become this asinine marketing tool. Need to sell records? Claim you invented a new genre!


I think there are tunes which are described as brostep (which is usually considered negative), but whether you like them or not you can’t really deny their production quality. Also despite the harsher midrange sounds and all that many of them still have a sick low-end… I’m thinking Caspa for example, I’m a sucker for all of his Fabriclive era tunes.
Then, brostep is also the name for the utter shit EDM-dubstep which began some time later and was associated with America.

Anyway, I agree, people should not be that sensitive to genre names.

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And a lot of it is totally relative/subjective - like the Coki ting. Some ppl rate him as the original bro, others insist that it only bro’d out when it hit the states and shitty laptop speakers became the normal playback medium.

For instance: is this bro or no (in your opinion)?

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I can’t believe you’re actually asking looool

In retrospect, I’ve said Coki was the first bro a lot but now, I’d say he’s more of a ‘riddim’ pioneer/proto-bro.

But you realize that someone’s gonna say “nah that’s weakstep as fuck” and someone else is gonna say “nah shits too harshbro bra”. I actually kinda like it - not like fucking fanboy OMGnextlevel, just… Yeah.

And fuck you lol. Just tryna make a point after a bottle of wine.

‘Spongebob’ - original 140 tearout?

And for SNH SnG:

when i was first getting into the ting argon was real, San Francisco dubstep was popping off. Matty G, DjG, JuJu, Baby System, Noah D… mini golden age for us locals


[quote=“ronzlo_, post:36, topic:5594”]from Wikipedia:
Slightly faster than traditional dubstep, brostep is also seen as more accessible than its predecessor, and is heartily looked down upon by Old School dubstep enthusiasts who regularly fill over a dozen pages on anytime anyone mentions the word brostep, with many heads calling for an outright ban on the New School name.
aw bullshit
we don’t have pages anymore
who wrote this?

and yeah, Spongebob was tear-out & wobble but not bro
just like some of Caspa’s & Trolley Snatcher’s harder tunes

to me it becomes bro
when it becomes harder & noisier
than it is heavy and minimal

no way is Examination of Time a candidate for bro
it’s a perfect wobbly weighty piece of dubstep for sticking head in bin
way too stately.

in comparison, every time I’ve tried to listen to Zeds Dead
I’m repulsed by the crassness.

If you wait more than 40 secs after the drop it becomes pretty darn obvious imo.

And spongebob is pretty much the definition of riddim.

It’s Wikipedia, digital Maoism dunyekno.

Got an edit? Gwaarn rude bwooy! S’all yu.

If they ask for citations you’ll get at LEAST ten truhedz to clobberaberate (rate) yr story as TRUE, thus truhed©®:soon::on::top:.

And now: everybody dance.

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I think @kLik_kLak posted this the other day.
I rate it, some other good stuff on this EP too.