Brostep, Tearout, Filth: The Good Stuff

(Drunk eyes crossed happy)


I thought Caspa was the original bro?

nah, a truhead who explored proto-brohood tear-out
(a bit like Rusko)
exploited the demand for commercial gain
whilst remaining wise in the way of weight
(i.e. not selling out to house/bass music)
and exercising his independence of the Croydon mafia,
never feeling embarrassed by wobble,

and whose inevitable reawakening
will bring renewed vitality to proppa dubstep
(as predicted by Nostrildamus)


Didn’t they all jump on it too?
I think I remember hatcha bitching about it at some point and then putting out some mega bro track a week later a few years ago.

o yeah
Hatcha turned for awhile
but some didn’t
like Cyrus, Silkie etal

Ah, never knew those two were from there too.

my old avatar :slightly_smiling:

good to see that it comes up when you google search brostep


Kromestar - Straight Error
Rusko - Moaners

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i only listen to john cage’s 4’33’’. anything beyond that is brostep imo

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it must be sad to be john cage cus all anyone knows u for isnt even music just a stupid point about what music isnt or is

yeah id rather have toecutter answer that q

still arguably better than not being known at all

but i don’t think he should be sad as 4’33’’ is the logical extension of his theories, just that it seems so strange/extreme to the general public

Can you cop 4"33" on wax, would be a sick way to make maximum p at like no loss to yourself

being in velvet underground > being a sc producer in 2016 tbh

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projecting <

also he wouldnt have made that boring nonsense if he had kitties or titties to look at on the net

These guys aren’t American. They’re Canadian.

One upon a time Toronto had a dubstep weekly on Wednesdays from about 2006 to a few years ago.

Zed’s Dead came in and started doing Wednesday’s as well around 2010 or something.

Needless to say their events were filled with punters and trendsetters.

It didn’t do well for the OG dubstep weekly, and eventually they stopped doing Wednesdays.

Shit I can imagine, they still put out some solid tunes tho

Love straight error