Cache (ob) - Vomit Test 1 [vomitstep]

Hey guys, I rarely post unfinished stuff and even more rarely ask for feedback… But this is one of those times.

My style has been organically shifting towards more of a vomitstep sound over the last few tracks. (all of which are still forthcoming, so i can’t post them until after their release dates)

but i wanted to take on a core vomitstep tune, and am finding something “missing”. hoping somebody out there has those feels on the vomit and can help…

keep in mind, this is only a few seconds of build, drop and switch that i just started, so i know the mix is off. i got it as close as possible without wasting too much time on something i may be deleting shortly. :wink:

thanks so much in advance for your time and opinions!

oh, and i had to UL to my site, because i didn’t want this on SC (even as a private track… long story)…

so, sorry there’s no embed. but it will stream directly from my site, you won’t have to download or any hassle like that…

Hi dude,

Well there are a couple things I detected on the track:


  • The start was pretty cool, using tensions as a build up was good and the vocals are perfect for this style so fair play.
  • The initial bass sound in the drop (the mad vomit sound xD) is quite a beast, I am guessing you used Serum? Tbh I wouldn’t really tell which synth you used but it’s just my guess.


  • The impact at the start sounds very peaked and distorted so that would be the first thing to look at.
  • 4 bars before the drop I would’ve added some other vocals just before the drop with some silence in the background, you know, to create contrast.
  • The sound election in the drop is alright, but it definitely needs sounds that makes it sound you and not others. I’m not saying that you tried to copy, I’m just saying that they need to be more unique, doesn’t matter if it’s rhythm wise, wavetable wise, effects wise, etc. (This doesn’t include the vomit sound but I will be also talking that next point)
  • The vomit sound, in my opinion, needs to be more percussive. It sounds too arcade kinda thing (I hope you know what I’m trying to say xD) and it could be made to this FMing the sound with a saw wave, using a different wavetable, etc. If you have indeed used Serum for the sound, try changing the wavetable to one called ICanHasKick and it will sound a bit like what I told you, the lower the note, the more percussive the sound gets.

I hope this helped you in your Vomitstep ‘adventure’ and hopefully we will be hearing better sounds in every tune you make from now ;).

Extra question: do you use Ableton?

wtf is vomitstep


Your track is pretty dope, but it´s a little bit dirty, try enhancing more your mixer. Personally, I use some rack that separates mid from side signals, give some stereo width to the side signals and strong compression, and tight compression and clear equalizing for mono signals. After that, I use plugind like Ozone and invisible limiters/maximizers, like Fabfilter Pro-L. Try hearing my most recent track out;

I can give you more tips if you´d like. I use Ableton, your DAW doesn´t really matter, you just have to put more effort on achieving better results on others.

I would really appreciate a follower, everyone counts.

thanks bro. i abandoned iZotope Ozone for Wavelab’s built-in Master Rig a bit ago, and haven’t run any of my side-chains to duck the snare or other features that need to be up front.

i wanted to get some feedback on my sound pallet first, really, because i figured i’d be deleting tracks and adding new tracks, and didn’t want to have to fully mix everything twice.

unless,… are you saying i should mix as i go, instead of doing a full mix sweep at the end?

seems counter-productive, but so do many other things that actually work really well. LOL

fire review bro. i really appreciate the concise and specific data here.

first off, answering you… right on the tits with DAW and VST. (isn’t Ableton/Serum standard issue now? LOL)
There is a track using Spire (and it’s not the one that doesn’t fit in at the beginning of the switch, it’s a supporting synth).

And I’m sure Sylenth1 has a chance to make it’s appearance for something ethereal and analog sounding in the intro. Maybe even some Massive, if I see something that will work for this tune while trolling through my Instrument Rack Presets.

Easy call on the digital clipping and overall crowding of the frequency spectrum. I’ll work on that… Good catch!

The more percussive vomit sound comment is fire. right now i’m using a square as the rhythm, (as u noticed), so switching up the table “may” work. only problem is that it’s actually getting most of that rhythm from the sub, as both oscillators are providing more high frequency / higher pitched support. (resonance blast, harmonics, etc)

i may just load up iCanHasKick and try to draw it into an LFO and assign it to the usual growl-inducing knobbies.

i like what you said about putting some signature flare on that puppy. and usually i suffer from “over-originality” in music, and was specifically going for reproducing the core subgenre here, so that i could feel more credible when doing more original stuff.

the build is really just there as space filler until i put an intro in front of it, so i consider that volatile space. i’ll definitely heed your recommendation on throwing a copule of extra Vox around at the halfway point of the rise. just need to see what the intro will end up supplying me with as far as content for said Vox to be appropriate.

thanks again for taking the time to listen and write all this up. good to have ppl to bounce stuff off of, or we’d all be a bunch of corey feldmans… :-S

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LOL. right? the name is somewhat appropriate name for the subgenre based on how it sounds. liquidy, mushy, gross dubstep, with long drawn out drop notes to highlight the guttural riddims in the bass, as opposed to the more non-organic machine and metallic sounds in traditional dubstep

however, i don’t really dig saying “i’m working on a vomitstep track”. do wish it would’ve earned a different name…

say bruh, without trying to monopolize too much of your time, could you tell me if this covers both the originality and the vomit riddims u were talking about?

it’s the last track i was working on before i found out there was actually a forming subgenre, just organically finding the sound from little bits i heard in other tracks.

the main drop is around 1:30, if u wanna skip right to…

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if anyone knows vomitstep its Bob Marley


man sometimes i want to shoot myself over american edm developments.

Number one… vomitstep is not a real subgenre. Its a tag used by snails to describe his specific style of dubstep which frankly, isnt that much different from the hundreds of other tearout artists out there.

Off the top of my head, i can name about 10 different acts from my local scene pushing the same brostep/tearout sound who are roughly on the same skill level as you. I can probably name about 4(local acts) pushing the same sound who are above your level.

At this point its just a bunch of people crying about how there use of a massive wavetable for 2 bars is somehow a different genre than people who use the same wavetable for 4 bars.

Number 2… your growls arent organic theyre literally just hi q filtering over some simp wavetable.

Number 3… 160 bpm? dubstep is 140 innit?

Number 5… your website? Why? You havent earned the right to a website… you only got 13 fb followers rudeboi, Wait maybe a year or two to get your skills up before you start advertising yourself on the net.

Number 4… your sounds are all over the place with varying volumes and it just sounds messy in a bad way…

  1. i know. i called it a “forming subgenre” in jest. and there are a good number of people that the skill level displayed in that 1 hour long experiment of a drop i posted. it was designed purely to be able to question how i could get cohesion internally and acceptance in the growing snailsmusic followers.

and if u live in a decent sized city, as i do, i would hope there are at least 10 others pushing tunes BETTER than my self-proclaimed “unmixed” sample that i was using as a vehicle to ask a question. otherwise your city is weak as hell.

  1. by organic i meant in the way it sounds liquid instead of metallic. obviously i know they aren’t truly organic; they’re not even analog. quite the furthest thing from any of it. i think that may actually be part of the attraction. how ironic the quest for liquid (not like liquid dnb) is through the most FM of synthesis. i figured you guys would be smart enough to know i didn’t literally mean organic. i don’t have a a pan flute or didgeridoo over here…

  2. i never said it was dubstep, did i?

  3. you are dead on the money with that one bro. i was having trouble getting cohesion with this new sound pallet and that was the main reason i chose to post here instead of just keep working through it on my own. i thought i may find somebody that was interested in bettering the community through constructive criticism and idea sharing. i’ll be sure to not do so again if it makes jaded trolls like you post garbage like this.

  4. this is a brand new project. we’ve been making dnb since 1998 and did quite well. u may want to check into who you’re talking to before you make claims that i don’t deserve a website. or are you just jealous?

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Well, mastering your track is only the 30%, the mixdown of everything is
the resting 70%, in what sound quality refers. You’d improve all the
processing you’re giving to tour elements. I will send you to images that
hace worked a lot for me, one refers to audio panning, TVE other to key
frequencies un which you should saturate tour elements in order to give
them character and loudness. What DAW are you using bro? I use Live 9.2, if
you use it too, tell me so I send you my master rack. Do you have
soundcloud? Maybe we can support each other and stay in contact. Así me
whatever you want, if I know, I’ll help you.

hellz ya. i just posted under general asking if anybody wanted to network outside of the public eyes.

i’m using 9.6.1, so i can use your effects chains.

i have a bunch of prebuilt racks as well, all setup for sidechaining. i just don’t have the sidechain triggers assigned yet in this track, since it was a bit of an experiment.

i don’t think there were any major changes to the glue compressor and multiband dynamics units between 9.2 and 9.6.1, so you could probably use most of my racks too.

i’ll PM u with contact info so we can take this offline.

organic vomit is the new purest dub




hahah you knowww always gotta use the vomit soundssss

yeah lets make shit together man I’ve been wanting to collab for time now xD. PM me when you ready man :wink:

I’ve gotta say, from what I’ve heard of that clip you just posted, I’ve only managed to hear it on my laptop speakers so I can’t really say for sure. All I can say is that the sounds defo sound cool and the build up is quite the thing, but of course I can’t analyse properly unless I have my headphones so as soon as I get my hands on my headphones I’ll have a proper listen and let you know ;).

irie, sure

Yooo I finally get to listen to the clip Hustle! What I realized is that the bassline on the drop is quite distorted so I would clean it up a bit, maybe by not distorting it too much or even not distorting it at all and just use OTT compressors instead. The kick in the drop is a bit hidden, not just because its not properly mixed (which it aint badly mixed, just average) but also cause it’s not the right kick to use with heavy sounds like that. I loved the switch between the melody and the badass bass falling around minute 1, that was pretty sick!

But yeah that’s all I’ve gotta say to that, hopefully my comment will help you improve the clip!!