Calling out producers for having presets as signature sound?

Producer A has blown up in the last year, his signature bass sound is partly responsible and tidy productions/mixdowns.
Today, Producer B has asked me to check out his music and one of this tracks uses the same signature sounds as Producer A.
It doesn’t really bother me when people remix tracks, use a few percussion loops or over used the same vocal samples etc.
But when your claim to fame is a Massive preset that is something that grinds me.
What do you think?

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if you enjoy any music thats made mainly with massive presets you should prob move onto something different bc those all sound like poo.


Did you like the track? In the end you could always argue that it’s the end product that matters, not necessarily whether the producer used presets or not

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Productions are tidy and the track has kinda became an anthem in the scene and i might be the first to realise it is a bass preset. I was fishy from the start how someone so new on the scene could make a hit like that in just a couple months. It’s grinding my gears a bit, might call him out.

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I think its shitty tbh. Ive seen producers use nothing but presets and bass samples from other artists and the result is a generic song that sounds like a couple thousand other songs. I think its just lazy to use nothing but presets for the main bass.

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Sound design is not something you can call someone out on tbh

The only thing that matters like creamlord said is just the end product

If you turn the idea or critique around - would you give extra credit to someone for getting all their sounds for a track by recording a matchbox with an elastic wrapped around it ?
I dont think you would …or should. Because if you didnt really like the track except for how it was made, it’s something else than just a good track.

Its great to consider re- your own stuff and you can get great result with rules like this, but it doesnt line up with what is good or not, unfortunately.

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This guy kinda came up via a track like that - just straight sampling night rider for the bass - but the track just exploded

(sounds a bit unimaginative now as track tbh but nothing went off like it for a moment, theres context and all that but you know something just fits certain times…and the main thing at that moment was probably highly complex super engineered stuff - which meant this was ‘fresh’)

isn’t Fis-T night hunter entirely just made out of a fruity loops preset but it bangs hard?

i guess imo, it’s not using the preset but kinda making the sound your own, a lot of grime sounds are presets but ones that people hadn’t used or not used in that context so it sounded fresh

so i’m down with people using presets if the tune’s cool and sounds new, if it sounds like a million tunes i’ve heard before/exactly like scene anthems nah that’s dead

brostep tards are the only ppl that give a fuck how shit gets made


it’s like these shits don’t know what sampling is

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motion to shut down this forum

Funny, IMO it’s the exact opposite. Why would anyone care if you use the same preset or the same waveform for your sounds etc, when there’s the other (deeper & “the original”) side of dubstep where people throw in a single unprocessed sine wave and call that a bassline.

We know what sampling is… It’s just a lot of people who use presets and patches just use them raw without any further manipulation and adjustment.


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yea but why woul u… ita not even wobles. more like a directio. that doesnt go for the

Vivek has used a preset loop from Reason

Rusko uses Brutal Electro on one of his tunes-you can’t get any baiter

Yea true

Preset Tune battle?

You all can use Massive. I will use my super secret synthesizers.

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Pm me them bruv.