Can anyone help me decipher what kind of synth this is? (Congi + Jafu song)

Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me identify the type of synth used in the song linked below (the youtube link).

Its not the very first synth you hear but its right after, about 00:02 seconds in, it’s repeated quite a bit and has some form of delay on it. Quite a fan of this sound and I’d like to be able to use something similar in my own productions. Forgive me for sounding stupid if it’s a really well known synth and I’m foolish for not knowing, I’ve been obsessed with using the Fender Rhodes emulator in Logic the last few months and want to try some new sounds. So any info as to what the name of this style of synth is, how I can go about replicating it either in Logic, Massive, or if anyone knows of a VST/Plug-in that has something close then that would be really helpful.

Heres the link to the song in question:

can’t recommend the Chord Marauders label/group enough if any readers haven’t checked them out yet.

If any of you are interested in the type of stuff I’m making feel free to check it out.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

it’s a chord (or a sample of a chord) with a low pass filter on it, bit of resonance, probably some automation on the filter, and a load of delay.

To replicate it you would need to work out what the chord is, then play with different patches in massive (for example) to find which one works best, and put a low pass filter (with some resonance) on it, then automate the cutoff while playing it.

Cheers for the advice, I’ve been using quite a few thick chords to try and replicate it and it’s more just the choice of patch in massive that’s the problem, I suppose maybe I’m just being lazy and not fiddling with individual patches enough to get them near to the desired sound.

its probably just sine waves layered and lowpassed a bit with the right envelope shape it shouldnt be too hard to make. maybe some delay on it to get that shuffle

I recon it’s a square/saw combination. Just look up a tutorial on techno stabs.
August is nice.

Cheers for the advice, I’ll have a go at it tonight, I’m not very familiar with making my own patches or whatever but I’m sure it would be something helpful to gain knowledge on.

Definitely a Rhodes, James is a wizard on his keys. Top sampling on Congi’s part as well. Jafu makes all of his sounds, and tends to keep his chords fairly basic. However, the key to that Jafu/Geode stab sound is automation, and spending large quantities of time building the synth. Try playing some short stabs, with delay, slight distortion, maybe a phaser or a chorus.

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this tunes greezy.
how have i only just discovered chord marauders?!

Better late than never!

All their releases so far have been great.

I know theres some Rhodes in there towards the 2:00 area. But the stab sounds with delay on them throughout the introduction (and rest of the song I believe) didn’t strike me as being a Rhodes originally. I have never really tried adding effects ontop of Rhodes emulators before so I couldn’t say! Thanks for the info tho, nice to know Jafu makes all his stuff himself. I often wonder if Geode’s sine based keys is sampled or if he records from a keyboard/does it through midi…

Geode makes alot of his keys as well. His mother however, is a jazz pianist, so sometimes Geode samples her playing, or collabs with her. Geode tends to have a lot of deep house, and garagey sounding synths, where as Jafu tends to create purple, and more ambient synths. If you are looking for a solid VST, I’d check out LizardLounge, that’s what I use for my keys.

I make this kind of sound, so if you need any artist recommendations let me know!

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Is that who C Tivey is? Listened to some of her pieces on soundcloud and she’s featured in a few of his tracks I’ve noticed, nice stuff too. Cheers for the advice on Lounge Lizard, I’ll have to look into that. I have aspired to produce my own spin off of this kind of sound ever since I first started producing… really fun but I usually end up slowing my stuff down to 130BPM just cos I have trouble assuring myself that my percussion sounds okay at 140 lol. How long have you been at it for? any favorite sounds synths? are you into using samples? sorry for all the questions btw I just don’t know many people into this stuff. Personally I love the Rhodes emulators featured in Logic Pro X, since I got a keyboard in spring I’ve just been trying to learn as many chord progressions as possible, its been really fun and has helped me understand stuff for sure… I still find myself boggled by how simple yet effective some of Geodes progressions are… maybe they aren’t simple and thats why… but its those sort of crunch chords in the sine style synth’s he uses that I spend a lot of time trying to emulate!

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I’ve been producing this sound for a year and a half(ish), I’m more sample based. Personally, when it comes to keys, I usually download gospel piano midi files, pitch that midi an octave up, and chop up some riffs. No worries about the questions man, I had the same questions when I started making this sound. A year later I have Jafu send me music, and the whole Mindstep gang rinsing my music in England. Keep at it, find your own style. What’s unique about this sound, is that even though it’s all “Jazzy”, the artists in the scene are all unique, and have a unique approach to the sound given their roots in music, and their influences. I would try to focus on your drums before your keys. Drums, and percussion make or break these kinds of tunes.

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Nice thinking with the gospel midi files! and I agree with you on the drums/percussion side of things, just gonna keep on practicing and trying to better myself. Any chance on a link to your soundcloud so I could check out your stuff? and I would be interested in your opinion on the tune I had linked in my original post if you’d be kind enough to check it out, it might seem a little sloppy but any help would be appreciated, all my sounds apart from the sax which is sampled, cheers!

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Of course man, holler at me!

Sort of got round to trying something with a stab in it, any feedback appreciated.

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Stab’s nice, not what I expected. Sounds rhodesy.
Also, I like your hi-hats man!

Cheers man, I spend a fair amount of time piecing those hats together so it’s cool to hear someones feedback on them. Big fan of ‘hunting season’ btw.

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Out of interest, do you guys think this synth is a similar kind of build to the one I was questioning before?

the stabby synth that comes in around 25 secs…

I’ve had no luck achieving the sound really despite following numerous ‘dub techno’ tutorials, gotta just keep on trying really. But yeah I’d be interested to see if you guys think they are similar synths.