Complxtro but Chilled Dubstep

Being around the forum is getting me back into the darker side of Dubstep. Im wondering if there are any Artists making chilled/dark dubstep that could still be considered complextro?

I was thinking about doing my homework and rediscovering Dubstep then It just dawned on me that the only complextro I have every heard is Brostep or Electro House. It’s always hyped and never melodic and chilled.



Music that complicate for the sake of being complicated. A lot of bro-step falls under it. I feel this sums it up just right. I could find a better exsample if I had more time but I need to sleep.

People need to stop making up bs genre names.


I wouldn’t call complextro a genre as any music from any genre could be considered to be complextro. Its just a slang tearm really.

Google thinks its a good genre name from some reason.

“look my music is very complex!!!”

I can pretty much guarantee the music that is considered “complextro” is nowhere near as complex as actual “complex” music such as Autechre, let alone Karlheinz Stockhausen. Calling one’s own music complex is pretentious as fuck .

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what’s your definition of complicated? the main charasteristic of that glitchmob tune is its complete lack of aim - which isn’t exactly desireable in my opinion.

I could be wrong but by that godawful term I believe he means more maximalist. So, his question may be: with a genre characterized partially by its sparseness, are there examples of maximalist dub step that stay true to the spirit?

Silkie / Swindle / Joker kinda stuff?

Yeah, at least that’s what I think he’s getting at.

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I don’t think a lot of people make the good complex yet soft dubstep. I think Gemini used to put out a lot of stuff in that category

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I’d say mala got pretty close with New Life Baby Paris and Blue Notez

the quotable dsf :joy_cat:


Complextro… maximalist… what’s in a word?!

Yeah basicly. Its like the same way you might get enjoyment from seeing a missive bridge being built because you know what the engineers had to overcome. That scene of wonder. In the same when a artist makes complicated music with some of the more complicated production techniques and sound design it tickles that same part of my brain.

Like the forever changing complicated drum patterns in this. I know he put a lot of work into make this and its inspiring.

I like the proto complextro musings combined with maximalist sensibilities on this;

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Yeah!!! This is decent and along the lines of what I was looking for.

Idk about complexebro or whatever but just listen to the skull disco back catalogue if you like “complex” drum programming.

Complextro in it’s purest form