Deep, Dark, Dangerous DnB - vol. II

Loxy back at his best.


Not strictly d&b but this is best place for it

New Stray outcheah

Damn. Amazing Atmosphere. But I think Surveys “The Hunter” is even more on point:


Straight :fire:

Just rediscovered this one. A couple of fat tunes in there.

"Mixed by Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch using Serato Scratch Live"
that product placement, haha.

i like this one a bit more tbh

probably wouldn’t listen to it nowadays tho

in a dnb mood anyone able to recommend a mix

i like techsteppy jungle shit like no u turn, crystl, trace and dillinja and autonomic best


Check out some of Om Unit’s rinse mixes, sounds like they’ll be able to check most of your boxes


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am i the only one not feeling om unit that much?
i mean i like his metalheadz releases but not to the extend i’d play them too often. and i liked his jungle footwork bootlegs but that got old fast and the world does not need anymore of those (or jungle/footwork crossovers in general) just how it doesn’t need any more tunes with eski samples.
and cosmic bridge is very hit & miss, but mostly miss. not that the releases are bad or anything but they fall kinda flat imo

i like him as a dj a lot, had great fun at his sets, his tunes are aite but not the style that makes me wanna dig for more

this raime one is perrrfect

Agree he is very hit and miss with his productions, some of it is straight banging like most of the headz releases but his latest cosmic bridge was pretty meh. He is a sick DJ tho which is why I brought him up, usually bringing a fresh mix of new shit and forgotten gems.

Also don’t forget he was bascially the guy who “invented” the footwork/jungle crossover thing, which is mostly played out by now but it was sick when he first started doing it (The Philip D. Kick stuff etc)

Liking this new one with Danny Scrilla

For me, it’s all about his DJ skills.

some old favourites