Deep, Dark, Dangerous DnB - vol. II


FabricLive 44 - Commix


Personally I think Om Unit’s tunes are amazing. I pretty much love most things he’s done. I don’t understand those views but each to there own. :slight_smile:


fuck that karl o’connor one was sick, old techstep style is my shiiiit


I’m looking for dnb around 90 bpm any good songs?




the felix k one was cool, was that all german stuff? not familiar at all but stayed on a similar minimal vibe the whole way through, listening to the house one now it’s aite 2

you into this?

someone played it at the end of a dub show on nts last night, dub techno but got that dnb/autonomic steppy vibe


i’m not sure. could be. he’s not big on tracklists and cba to listen now to id.

and yeah i like that db1 tune. prefer this one tho


hidden hawaii & samurai running things right now. that djrum plate on the latter was banging.


samurai is still very hit or miss imo. horo on the other hand >>


mh yeah I just lump horo in with Samurai; don’t really get the difference most of the time.


presha himself said horo is for the more experimental (for the lack of a better word) techno-y-but-not-quite stuff, while samurai and red seal (are the 2 merged now?) are for more straight forward dnb


all a bit confusing to me haha.

btw. Om Unit b2b Sam Binga on rinse right now (only going for another 10 though). You guys check the podcast, they killed it imo.


^ Hidden Hawaii are brilliant, love the sound they are pushing.
Anyways one for the thread:


[00] Alix Perez - Revolve-Her [Exit - 059]
[03] Calibre - Posh Boy [CIA]
[??] ?
[??] J:Kenzo - Rum Punch [31]
[12] Sam Binga Feat. Chimpo/Fox/Redders - Steppin (VIP) [Critical - CRITLP 08]
[15] Mystic State & Gremlinz Feat. Megatron MC - Don’t Start (Crypticz Remix)
[17] SB81 - Sculptures [Metalheadz - META 032]
[20] Kid Drama - Auto State Of Mind [CNVX]
[23] Sam Binga & Chimpo - No Messin (Instrumental) [UKF - CH 003]
[25] Eveson - The Lost Goodbye [Fizzy Beats - FIZZY 008]
[28] Calibre ?
[??] J:Kenzo - ?
[33] Sam Binga Feat. Rider Shafique - Mind & Spirit [Critical - CRITLP 08]
[36] Chimpo - Backslang [Par Excellence - PE 006]
[40] Seba / Paradox & Robert Manos - Because [Paradox - PM 030]
[44] Naibu Feat. Key - Just Like You (Ulrich Schnauss Ethereal 77 Mix) [Horizons]
[??] Mako ?
[??] Synkro Feat. Robert Manos - Shoreline [Apollo]
[??] Aspect & Gremlinz - Kilo (Ruffhouse Remix)



New Limewax incoming… :thumbsup:


Digital is a badman. PERIOD.

Track 5 is money. DUTTY MONEY, seen…



First couple on this new Heist EP are massive:

Nice free D/L given away earlier as well:


so much better than the original remix.