Deep, Dark, Dangerous DnB - vol. II



Yeah yeah, I know… Rene LaVice.

Tune reminds me of vintage Digital productions though. When it starts it’s just OK, but the b-line is pretty dope. Could see this being a good dancefloor number.



From a fellow ninja - great mix.


Have a lot of these. Need to listen to draw some inspirational mixes.


Another scorcher from the man like Skeptical:



Anyone else rate this tune?

It’s pretty catchy imo.


Skeptical posted this earlier today. “No Discipline” is a percy.


Will defo look out for this


Nice to see it getting a release after a couple years as a dub


New one for the night time runs me thinks


: D


that Sam KDC remix (first snippet) bangs so fucking hard.


more and more techno producers interfering with the sound; I guess all the work Samurai, Auxiliary and Hidden Hawaii have been putting in the past few years is finally paying off.
anyway, very big tune.


‘Junglists are you rea-heh-dee’


Come through with some nank tech-step plz

@RKM @Reese_Liar etc looking at you


dunno why this 1 won’t embed


Knew you’d post The Rukus - my man!

Thx for these


Personal fav

Also newer stuff like

And some of the latest releases on 31 Recordings are totally that prototype sound revived

I’ll try and think of some more later