Deep, Dark, Dangerous DnB - vol. II


Don’t forget early Subtitles releases and Teebee’s outstanding Blacksciencelabs (although I assume you’re already familiar with that LP).

This mix is quite on point. I think somebody posted it on old dsf, can’t remember who though.


I’m a lazy shit and don’t wanna read/look, someone recommended some decent radio shows/mixes pretty pls :heart:


i always rate this dude



u reckon this’d be dope techstep dark dnb cos of ed rush, optical and that it’s celebrating the end

or neuro and clownstep cos it’s andy c and ed rush and optical


:gunfinger: :bassbinns:


Sick swangy tune




Almost skipped forward on this one, glad I didn’t though.


I don’t listen to/produce that much dnb really, but:




so the lads who I’ve been running my Drum’n’Bass night with for the past five years have been signed to Critical.

since july we all work at the same place aswell; our graphic designer shot a clip and put this together:

full ep:



Ah tuuuuune… takes me back :love:

Nice to see it get the treatment:


Reminded me of this crazy set. Storm with the multi combo killer selection.



oooosh this one is a lot


Two of the most sinister things ever


Going through the 31 Recordings recent output and this one is :gunfinger: