Deep Medi

Yeah we lurk, drop a few posts in here and there :wink:
Feeling the new layout - was very much needed.


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Haha! Come outta lurking bro!

So who we got lined up left, I cant remember who’s names were mentioned on that Deep Medi Pic.

It was Kaiju, Jack Sparrow and who?

Quest & Silks i think

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more Commodo in the pipeline. He was posting about stuff getting mastered a while ago

:corndance: :corndance: :corndance: :corndance: :corndance: :corndance:

innit, it’d be nice to have mr mitch and local action getting in on the discussion in the new grime thread like blackdown did in the old 130 one

Compa double pack was on the cards ages ago too so hopefully that isn’t too long, assuming some of it is the stuff Jay 5ive has been supporting.

Although Medi is still insta-buy for me I’m not as excited by their releases anymore… mostly due to how solid the output of other labels are such as Innamind, System, Lion Charge, Artikal ect. Medi really could have done with signing that Silkie LP thats coming out… its exactly what they need right now imo.

given the lurkas round here i just wanna note how massive a plate this would be:

A: Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo remix)
AA: Gantz - Spry Sinister (Jack Sparrow remix)

or maybe:

A: Gantz - Spry Sinister (Jack Sparrow remix)
B1: Gantz - Free Focus
B2: Gantz - Free Focus (Commodo remix)

Tom Lea from Local Action used to post here when he started the label. Don’t think he’s been here for a long while tho.

I have a feeling the J Sparrow plate might include that ‘Where Am I?’ track currently on his Soundcloud.


i really rate that tune, would love it on wax




wag1 quest and jack :smiley:

sup dawg


hello mate
any plans for this banger? :corndance:

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not sure yet bro, me and mala have talked a few times about maybe doing a release together as we have about 6 tracks we started together, just need to go down to his to finish them off, but it’s hard as we both have stuff going on.


would buy that ep.

get on it lol! would buy

It’s always a bit hasty to call something “The record of the year” if it’s not 31/12/20XX…