Deep Medi


Imagine the outrage hahahahahahaha. Someone should do this tbf, the tears would be off the dial


i just want to see the comments tbh. all the truheads



always nice to hear new vivek dubs

long live sound system culture




fucking crying. Thank you.


Definitely sure I heard him play it at broken dub house in Brixton when Kahn and Neek played and dub phizix. Pretty sure he played it at outlook as well.


No repress got me good :cornlol:


yeah remember it being in his set for some time


Think I remember hearing Commodo pull out a topper top remix at that Outlook x Sunfall thing, sounded dece, hopefully on the flip.

I remember thinking it sounded Kahn n Neek-y, but was pretty mashed…


Hahaha ffs im dead.
Ali is kil


out today 12.08.2016

Seven Sins


yeah heard him play that too

kahn and neek definitely


“meditate on some epicly heavy duty and rare bass weight from the MAN LIKE VIVEK” :joy:


Nice one

Half thought I imagined it cos didn’t really see it mentioned anywhere


Never done a dab but aren’t they basically designed to put you on your arse? Can your realistically carry on raving after a few draws on that?



Few can, that’s why realistically you should stick to one or two dabs lol :wink:

Some people can hold their dabs like crazy though…but those are usually growers, whose lives basically revolve around weed completely


them ones :sweat:


Well said bro. Very true