Deep Medi


Sweet, cheers man, didn’t get any proper videos of the night, was a good one


Pre orders for new bukez plate are up on the medi site


is it any good?


Personally I love the A side. The B side seems really weird for medi. As it’s borderline riddim / bro. Worth coping imo.


Not really


lol at all the negativity towards the new plates. LAS and this one.


so fucking disappointed about no interrogation, you had one job medi…


i hoped for Speed of Light, I know yunx rinsed it, Also been removed from yt & sc. So thought it might be on this release. Maybe temps. Solid release still


nah what fam?? the second track is next level
guess if you’re not into the aggy stuff i can see but gotta admire the production…


large risk of Karma release on inm reaching “when bitwig comes out” territory at this point…


Yeah. I don’t like the bass really. But it’s impressive sound design for sure


Production is top notch obviously but at first I wasn’t impressed with track selection, though I’ve got to admit they’ve grown on me after a couple of listens


sample from Killer Joe
edit: funny Matthew McConaughey & Emile Hirsch are now on Medi


Good god!


Jeez. The scene will be dead by the time I’m old enough to go to these events.


Wait how old are you?


Yea it seems like this is the best year for releases in like 10 years for the bass scene ??? (coming from an outsider and relatively new comer)


Strange that it won’t be on the mungo’s system this year. Wonder who’s gonnabe playing the mungo’s stage this year.


i think last year had much better (and more) releases personally


I think I’ve said it before. 15