Deep Medi


yeah it sounds well nice…there’s a short clip of it up there somewhere ^


Sound :slight_smile: ill have a scroll up :slight_smile:


slightly longer clip


egoless posted on his FB recently that he had joined the medi roster

no confirmation that this tune will be on it but i think its reasonable to assume it will be?


yeah the fact that mala has been playing it, in combo with that egoless fb update kind of suggests it will be, hope it is anyway


Thanks creamlord!


Did anyone reach the show at Jamm last night? Sounds underwhelming


I went but got way too drunk so I remember like fuck all lol. Was aight from what I remember though, not a stand out night


from Tunnidge’s twitter:

TUNNIDGE: I love the smell of graphite in the morning.



Tunes are alright I guess, but damn that cover artwork is cringe af :lol_og:


usually try and hold my tongue when I don’t like stuff, but i won’t be copping this tbh, 1st one sounds like a pound shop commodo, other tracks are meh… just waiting for the egoless one


Why the HECK Is medi so mediocre lately. Mala why. Maybe it’s all a marketing tactic. There are so many good artists around. So many dubs. And he puts out another truth record.


Mala is the ultimate troll tbh


Finally some new Truth tunes! Been waiting at least 3 hours since their last throwaway garbage release


harsh but…truth lol


Damn :lol_og:


Learned from his master Loefah


truth’s best tune on deep medi probably


Lion is pretty dece imo