Deep Medi


Finally, we’re getting some new Deep Medi. Other than the A/T/O/S album and the Kahn & Neek Remix of Topper Top, we didn’t get anything so far this year.


idk maybe its cause the original got played out so often but this is literally the best version by a long shot


Anyone else think this secret new signing he’s talking about is Malleus - In The Machine?




yeah fingers crossed for this one or sorrow voynich would also be most welcome, like any time now please


Egoless on deep medi
Certainly happy for the man


malleus - dragging the lake, most likely


still listen to clips of that one and “a new sky shines” every once in a while, and this other one from the same joe nice set which was untitled but sounds like it could be him as well or a collab involving him. they were all sorta played in a little group together in the set. june 2016 i think, from the date i edited the clips. figure they might be planned as a release together cause of that.

all three are very, very high quality tunes. so much detail and high level of production. the untitled one literally has like a guitar solo :joy:

grinn was another really good one of his, that was never released was it?


Seems a bit insane that no one would pick up Grinn, had almost forgotten about that one myself. Gonna move it back into rotation.

This one is mad too, not really medi material tho. Heard Saule play this one out on some Void Air Motions, was intense.


Been sleeping way too much on Malleus et al. Almost every tune I hear is just grim


Don’t think it is but close guess


well fuck me right big ups Malleus! :point_up:




Stack of Throughback is viiiibes


Really lookin forward to Truth & Taso’s


Anyone reaching Brixton jamm tonight


commodo knock offff


Its probably been asked lots of times but does anyone know if/when that tune Mala plays - think its by egoless - the one with those turkish’y strings is getting a release ?? Its blooomin epic…


no more info on that one yet, it is egoless tho


Cheers man :slight_smile:

It’ll be the first dubstep record ill have bought in about 5 years, mala played it here the other month and it just, I dunno, its really really cinematic and beautiful !