Deep Medi


Also; is Kahn exklusive to Medi like Kaiju?


doubt it


Still the same 3/4 “big” people keeping the whole of medi going though lol


derp medi imo.




Haven’t been this hyped for a release for a long time.


4, maybe 3 tracker based on the playtime too. interesting


definetely curious to hear this, witch blues was his last medi release and he has gone through a lot of changes since then. Also for anyone interested, he has a mix on radar radio monday coming. No details of time yet but should be a good listen


Went on a bit of a dubstep binge, and tbh Deep Medi need another special one-off release to really shake things up. I.E. that Mark Pritchard plate or those Calibre 12"s. They did some good work last year with Sir Spyro & Bukez Finest, but the Sir Spyro one was defo rinsed out too much as mentioned. Some unexpected artists would be nice… but dubstep’s so untrendy nowadays dunno if leftfield artists outside of the scene could throw a curveball and make a 140 track.

Who knows, maybe Tunnidge is too arsed to draw new faces or something :badteeth:


MEDI099: Mala holds Sgt. Pokes at gunpoint and forces him to make an EP


Praying for fugazi


Anyone reaching this


Why does there have to be loads of sick nights whilst I’m on holiday :evil:


Thought it sold out awhile ago, Id like to see a few guys off that



Weekender tomorrow

Egoless’ clip off his FB is hard

Few bits off the Kahn boiler room are gr8

Goth Trad played some nice ones last weekend on a tin pan sound so looking FWD to the big rig

V looking FWD to this now

Anyone reaching?


At Pressure right? The cheek not to have the Bug’s sound in there when his night is centred on it, was glad not to go in the end.


Yeah its jokes tbh - £21 quid OTD and The Bug booked himself for 3+hrs in the middle of the night - poor Grandmixxer on the 1000-1130, wtf you gonna play then when you’re top 3 grime DJs in London to a doors warmup at VU…

Was just the normal VU rig but cranked quite high from the off wheras they normally slowly roll it up. You can see the fat DB meter on a screen at the back by the soundesk and its always on a Green/Amber/Red warning system so its never going to be proper raggo. C1 sounds better in there

Channel 1 on Dec 3rd in there coincidentally - first one for a while after they got super busy w/ Carnival and that big 3 sound conference in Brixton

But yeah looking fwd to Medi - full war report on Sunday


Cba to look up the promo material now but it heavily implied it was gonna be the proper thing. Ah well.

Yeah looking fwd. Enjoy medi :shabbba:


‘’ I’m just hoping those are “filler” releases. Filling in the time and just getting releases out for the sake of it rather than an actual conscious direction for the label.’'
but why would they do that? doesn’t make sense… just don’t put out if you don’t think it’s 100% a thing to do.

  • although i’m not liking the artwork: this costs some extra at the pressing plant. why would they do that for a ‘filler’?

but yeah… i haven’t bought a lot of medi recently. missing those timeless medi tunes. (and timeless is here the keyword).

let’s all be happy, that dmz doesn’t put out anything anymore lol :stuck_out_tongue: