Deep Medi


Because theres a market for it, supporting the artists of the label. I mean Deep Medi can’t wait forever for some Commodo/Kahn stompa or Gantz to make some twisted EP like his last one on Deep Medi… so they need to put something out. They’re a pretty big label with wages to pay, they need to be putting out records. Why not fill the time between those ‘future classic’ releases with a bunch of Kaiju and Truth records.

That sounds pretty insulting to the likes of Kaiju and Truth but I mean theres diff levels. Commodo/Kahn ect are all top tier, then you’ve got the compa/kaiju/truth releases.


hm… but then why draw for the mediocre tunes?

well… maybe it’s all about taste. who knows.


there’s a huge market for mediocrity, guessing these forgettable truth releases sell a lot more than your average truhed plate

was baffled at the insane amount of kids wearing truth merch at outlook 2016, they probably sell more merch than every other dubstep labels/acts combined


now i feel bad for selling dubtopia tshirts lol


Dont think anyone who lives here actually got a ticket lol. Was sold out dumb fast. Line up looks good tho


hmmm I agree with compa and truth not being on the level of the former however Kaiju? Really All their tunes are absolute weapons


heard he might have a few of my tunes in tow to play at this :slight_smile:


Not in my opinion. Got some decent tunes but they mostly release average 140 dubby stuff that’s in abundance atm.

Look at the back catalogue of commodo, gantz, Kahn, goth trad. On another level to kaiju.


On the train back now, feel pretty butters. Like 8/10 butters. You know when you’re hungover and you look at sober people with great incredulity

Was sick tbh - Mala old ones last night was near perfect. Jah Power Dub, Kryptic Minds Root rmx (!), Lost City (!!), Coki - Gotham (!!!) Give Jah Glory, Dun Stinky, Ancient Memories rmx, Misty Winter, Sholay, Geddeon, Highland Spring, Rutten (maybe, might have made that up), Dry Cry, Goat Stare licking off headtops with the void… couldnt fault it tbh. Nice that it opened the night too, good amount of space to brockwild

Rest of it wasnt the same level, Gorgon Vs Dubkasm were fun but didn’t get the same vibes as the original VS on OBF a while ago, lot of the same tunes still. Aba was a nice way to end the whole thing, that guy can whip up a vibe on his own terms in no time. Again as always with the soundsystem guys, need to play for 4-5hrs rlly before they get going, so 2hrs at the end leaves u after more.

Obviously Commodo bossed up the Friday. All the stinky new ketty bits, Danny Uzi Vert was momentous but nough kids didn’t really get it, clicking for Topper Top etc. Kahn played OG Dread and barely an eyelid was batted, smh. Kalawanji similarly didn’t even get the cross postcode pint eruption. Compa n Goth Trad didn’t really work as a b2b, GT had the powerful anxiety inducing white noise hurters and Compa couldn’t really keep up with the dungeony MC cuts.

Oh & Egoless, mad - new one slaps inconceivably hard on the void. Ended with some jokes topper top refix.

That’ll probs do me for 140 for a bit, good to see it executed properly still. Whatever the Neuron guys have for breakfast … Jeez. Probably eat bowls of coal and granite


might have to reach the weekender next year, bristol is peak to get to though


Sounds decent, K said he ran into you and I had no idea he as even going.


It’s like 2 hrs on the megabus if you’re in London, where’s the commitment man :badteeth:


I’m in Cambridge haha, might roll next year if I can get some people up for it. Rent an airbnb or something


Why doesn’t Deep Medi start drafting in younger talent to fill the void?


Yeah I did think it was a bit whack that the lineup was basically the same as 2 years ago but w Egoless & Aba

Also a lot of the same tunes rlly doing the damage, doesn’t feel like we’ve come that far.


££££ I guess.

Younger/newer producers don’t have the fan base that can sell 1000+ vinyls.


Tru say


Its also why I find t hard to care anymore, theres a kind of gulf between the “legends” and then everyone else that just means the line ups are always the same.


Tbh id either like to see more curveballs or more top djs that don’t get the big bills/venues

Chefal would’ve murdered that either night, would’ve been cool to see what Hijak, Cluekid, 9, Joker, Pritchard or Cyrus would’ve done in there too. Benny Ill early dub set at Corsica a few years ago was momentous too

Let alone if you did some kind of Medi presents thing, get the newer producers that the big guys are championing a set, Sepia, Eva 808, Epoch, Sir Hiss, Ago etc. I guess this is why Shitty Dubstep/The Mine etc has a proper energy and vibe in the crowd even more so than system/Medi now, where the residents are the ones chucking in the classic niche dbl drops (I see you Tetris Mr 30hz) - either go that way or get someone like Chef/N Type who has the maddest oldies


Basically tldr I don’t wanna hear abattoir or hunter VIP for a bit or Rules of the dance