Deep Medi


(K I might sound like a hater) I find it quite funny seeing all these new heads shitting themselves over “the new medi record”. They’ve been sitting on these for a year oh my god who cares. I’ll still be buying this when it’s on redeye tho.

Dunno what point I’m trying to make but it’s rediculous to sit on tunes for a year, and essentially be inactive for such a long period. Where is medi 100? So many other labels doing a much better job pushing the scene rn.


mala’s bank account is low

man just bought a Zahl mixer, gotta reup


I doubt Medi purposely sat on the tune for a year. Delays happen all the time. Grime CDs aren’t proper grime CDs if they don’t have a 2 year delay.


Ok so medi has to be very unlucky with all these delays during the past few years :eyeroll:

But nvm I don’t want to be so negative. Looking forward to every medi release nonetheless


pre orders


Commodo plate up for preorders on Redeye:

Re: delays, if they press all their scheduled releases upfront for the next year, maybe there was a pressing issue with this one and they had to do a whole new batch. I deffo prefer waiting longer but get a perfect product in the end than paying for a record with a pressing fault.

At least you gotta recognize that credit is due to Medi for that - every record that hits the stores is perfectly pressed. As a matter of fact that’s the case with the majority of dubstep releases and it’s really nice. Nothing more irritating than paying stupid prices like what they charge nowadays for a new record just to get a shit sound in the end.


how did we moan about the slow pace of releases for a year and no one made that dad pun yet

drip medi



Jack Sparrow album is coming out on medi at some point


2021 :gunfinger:



Sparrow showing how it’s done

Edit - fuck off with that second drop smh