Deep Medi


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meh, not really feeling any of those tunes tbh


Really rating that orchestral one tbh. The sample chopping takes me back to oldschool grime days


Impervious is a fucking BELTER!!!
Reevea isn’t much and Egyptian March is a little too offkilter for me. Straying into cheese territory there…


Rikers income…

1 x New MEDi 12" (MEDi104)


Ain’t this nearly a year since it was announced lol?


Ikr? They were already pressed at least as far back as Feb this year according to this thread, dunno wots going on with medi this year tho lol


Mala’s taking forever to release a single 12", meanwhile Vivek announced on his Insta a couple of weeks ago that he plans to release a record every single month next year


Medi schedule is like that at least since 2014…

Who remembers this photo

MEDi release schedule is heaving!
Heat incoming from Commodo, Gorgon Sound, Kahn, Gantz, Kaiju, Jack Sparrow, Compa, Quest and Silkie.




plus Vivek pushing the young lads


Swamp was gunna do the same thing. I believe they have intentions of doing so but it never works out


System and innamind have definitely overtaken medi in regards to the bigger labels. Regular releases, big tunes and have been pushing newer artists. That being said I can’t fucking wait for rikers to actually come out haha


Deep medi went down the shitter a while ago last stand out single was that silkie plate (It wasnt you)



21st December, what an absolute joke of a release schedule


so it was daytona

edit: listening to that clip strongest medi release in a while imo, cant even remember the last time i liked all the tunes on a medi plate instead of just buying for one track and never even listening to the rest


Deep medi, well and truely deadi


LOL the copyright says 2017

U fockin wot mVII sitting on this tune for 1 year or what