Distance & Chestplate Thread


Yeah Bandcamp really Trumps all


Databeats is prob 2nd best ffs


I’ve ahem fallen in love with this again but it’s not Chestplate


woah, blast from the past.
there were some decent records on early boka man

"Lost Gold" is a percy

completely forgot about this: some more essential distance imo (also on boka obviously)


o yes, love ^ one!
no heavy metal there,
beautiful rythm, lovely melody, superb sub, snappy backbeat, fantastic structure


Still pissed that 16bit - Moth never got released. It was forthcoming on boka but then they broke up.


@Riddles has some cool super early distance tunes


40 distance releases according to discogs. hahaha



Distance album, Dynamis, on Tectonic up for pre-order on Redeye Records, Unearthed Sounds, and the Tectonic webshop. Only the Tectonic webshop has all the previews. Echo Empire with the literature. Available on 2 x 12", digital, and CD.

[details=Tracklist:]01 Instruction To Survive
02 Kingdoms Fall
03 Badman feat Killa P
04 Collide
05 Paradigm [not on vinyl]
06 Sink Or Swim
07 Fear Change
08 Betrayal feat Beezy
09 Unite [not on vinyl]
10 Serpent [not on vinyl]
11 Fiya
12 Talk to Me[/details]



Pinch - Grump

Previews sounding big, definitely gonna cop



This is big, first Chestplate I’m buying in the last few years



yeah its a belter.


Yo who’s heard 042


lol finally
It’s a sound system smasher!



They’ve been saying this for like 5 years. I’ll believe it when I hear it.


Haha yeah I’ve been hurt before