Distance & Chestplate Thread


after Distance’s last album, I’ve got little hope of a cathartic Deleted Scenes album in the way we all want it. I know it will eventually come but I can’t get away from how far they’ve both come with their own productions and then coming together for DS. Guessing we are gonna see some quality techno/dnb/dubstep hybrid tracks all very well made but not quite “Deleted Scenes” as we know(knew) it. (I will be very happy to be wrong though)

@hirszu looking forward to hearing it. New Deleted Scenes material and a new Bladerunner movie coming out all at once, its a bit scary for me


Nice. So did anyone listen to the show?!


Clocked. Deleted Scenes section was ~30 min long, mostly (if not entirely) old tunes but with dubplates scattered in. Highlight was Memory Loss VIP.